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 I’ve been writing most of my life, and even finishing some of it. This continues to be a major character flaw, I’ll admit, and I plan to write about it. Someday. 

I had lots of jobs over the years, including stints as a fraud investigator, construction worker, driver’s ed instructor, newspaper reporter and editor, PR flak and in web communications at a large research university for 26 years.  I fled the newspaper world for higher ed PR in search of daylight working hours and non-starvation wages—and a tuition discount for my sons. It was -- somewhat to my surprise-- all very useful preparation for this. So, no regrets. 
I started the blog (hemmingplay.com) as a diversion into poetry two years ago. That has turned into my main focus, although I have a mystery novel in the works, too. 
It truly is a craft that takes lots and lots of work—and lots of homework via reading good writers. I’m finding that the precision and emotional honesty good poetry requires is intensely challenging and satisfying. On those occasions when things fall into place, I feast on the feeling for days. 

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