How to Shelter Efficiently at Festivals

A popular activity in the modern world is attending music festivals. These have been the precipice of youth for the last 60 years, beginning with Woodstock and many other famous events. In the UK they have their infamous Glastonbury festival, which is attended by tens of thousands of young party goers every year.

Using Glastonbury as our example, being located in the South West of England, you may know that this area of the world experiences some pretty bad weather. It often suffers torrential rains, waterlogging the ground and churning up mud. This has actually becomes one of the attractions at this particular festival and participants have known to ‘mud dive’ after a few cups of cider.

Other festivals in America can experience noticeably different weather than this, but equally as problematic. For example the heat that is found in this area is also a factor that can cause issues. After a few beers and losing a few items of clothing on the dance field, before you know it you’ve just soaked up 6 hours of beaming hot sun and are cooked through like a roast chicken.

Protection and shelter is not at the top of the list of priorities when attending a festival, it’s usually who’s going, who’s got the tickets and how many beers can we fit in my gym bag. However, there should be at least one in the group that has their heads screwed on a bit and can make preparations, providing a suitable shelter and area to sleep in.

This doesn’t need to be a challenging task either, the norm is to rock up with a pole tent and bung a few sleeping bags inside and jobs done, usually forgetting the rainfly attachment and wondering why rain is pouring through the top.

Cue the pop up tent, a festival goers dream. Created by the camping industry to solve a lifetime old problem of setting up complex tents. They provided a solution and boy was it met with open arms. It skyrocketed in popularity among families, campers and at festivals.

Economical in price, waterproof and simplistic as it gets to pitch, you just throw them into the air and they spring to life, folding outwards and forming the shape of the tent instantly. Many of them offer UV protection so they can handle super-hot afternoons in the sun, keeping you cool and providing a safe shelter to chill out and catch some z’s until the heat passes. Some of the higher performing models have waterproof properties integrated into the fabric, so if it rains you will be protected in the same manner.

Alleviating the time consuming task of setting up but also when it’s time to go home, they easily fold back down due to the coiled spring that is evident in the framework. A bit tricky at first to figure out how to fold it back to its coil, but once you get the hang of things it’s difficult to go back to the traditional pole tents. All our information we got from this amazing article on fast pitch tents over at, thanks to those outdoor enthusiasts for the insight.

So when you are getting ready for your next Glastonbury or Woodstock festival, remember there are easier ways out there to get a good night’s kip, while you’re out in the wild.

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