5 online dating mistakes that nobody needs to make

Dating on the internet doesn’t come naturally to everyone – if it did, you wouldn’t need advice sites like this one! Some of the mistakes people make are important learning experiences, sure – but some of them are things that you should really try to avoid no matter what. That’s why we’ve put together this quick advice guide; it’ll help you steer clear of those things you really just ought not to do when you’re dating online.

  1. Posting Obscene Photographs Of Yourself

This is just a rookie error. Nobody actually wants to see that, you know – or not yet, anyway. Spare yourself the embarrassment, not least because it actually puts people off; they’ll think you aren’t in the least interested in them as people, and that is not at all an attractive quality. There’s a time and a place for nudes, and it’s a lot further down the line than the first hello to a total stranger!

  1. Not Caring About Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar

You might think that all that matters is whether or not people can follow what you’re saying, but most people won’t agree with you there – and that includes most of the people whose attention you’re trying to grab. Make sure you’re using proper English at all times, both in your profile and in your messages to people you’re interested in.

  1. Restricting Your Options Too Much By Playing To ‘Type’

There are so many different kinds of people out there that if you try and limit yourself to just what you think you want there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on something amazing. Relationship Advice If you have it in your head that you want a curvy brunette who likes jazz, or a slender geek with big brown eyes, or anything in particular, then that’s brilliant – but don’t let yourself get blinkered and ignore all the other wonderful people who might be just right for you.

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