Rare Finds

Rare Finds

Jul 27, 2016, 1:48:13 PM Life and Styles

Pokemon Go has become a thing and of course, rare species are always the best. But the rare thing I want to find in my life daily is not anything like Arcanine, but a good compliment.

Whether we like it or not, it is apparent that people spend most of their times doing the things that would cause them pleasure. We all intend to be rewarded with the stuff we do. Mostly, we do good things so people could appreciate us. You clean the house, then Mom says you’re a good daughter. You help an old woman cross the street, then she says you’re a kind person. Those are common compliments. Hearing good feedbacks after doing a good thing is an expected event. Even compliments about how you look is so common. What’s new with that?

The best kind of compliments are those that come out of nowhere. When you’re at a coffee shop reading a newspaper then someone comes and says, “You must be an intelligent woman.” When you’re walking along the road and you smile at some beggar just because you normally do smile at others and he says, “You are very kind.” These are what I call the rare finds.

I want to share a few examples from my experiences.

I once was the busiest person this past school year since I’m leading the Psychology Society of my university, I handled big events and did a lot of stressful stuff. During the last event I organized, there was a part when my society adviser had to make a speech. To be honest I was expecting her to say something like, “Congratulations for making this year successful.” She said those words, yes, but she added, “A, you are a superwoman.” That made my day, it made my whole year even. I don’t know how to thank her because I suck at accepting compliments. Sadly, I have trust issues. When she asked me to stand, I just rose, bowed, and mouthed “thank you, mam.” She even greeted me on Facebook with something like, “Happy birthday, superwoman!” And I’m starting to want to claim that I am indeed a superwoman.

By the way, I don’t like butterflies. No matter how bright or vibrant their colors may be, I don’t like butterflies because they are small flying things. I don’t like small flying things. (What’s the point haha) So anyway, there’s this kind of butterflies I love: the ones that tickle my stomach when I’m flattered. They are the best. I really love it when sometimes someone I like calls me adorable, cute, and that I could change the world when I did nothing to deserve those. Just reading those from a text message or hearing them makes my tummy contract like a butterfly party is going on. And I don’t know how to react, sometimes I respond in an alien language or pretend I didn’t hear it and just change the topic. Or blush, if I actually blush.

The best unexpected compliment I received was from a babysitter. I once used my friend’s computer to do some work since I can’t do it at home then. She’s pregnant and she has a one-year old daughter named Bea being babysat by a lady in her 40’s. The lady’s named Aileen and she stays at my friend’s house for the whole day and leaves at night. While I silently was doing my work yesterday, she was folding some baby clothes and suddenly said. “I really like your personality, A. You seem to know a lot of things and you’ve even gone to college but you sound so humble and down-to-earth. Even Karen (another babysitter) agrees with me.” I froze. Her voice was so sweet and she sounded like a very nice mother. I managed to explain that it’s probably because I’m not actually different from her or anyone, etc. I had to explain a lot before I finally said gave her my thanks. I don’t know what made her think like that. I’ve talked to her a few times before but I totally had no idea she thinks of me so nicely. Until now, it keeps me wondering if she there are other people who thinks I’m nice. I’d love to assume that a lot of people thinks I’m nice and swear, it feels good to think that way. But I doubt it. *insert trust issues*

Enough of my experiences, I think I’ve received good compliments from the past but I got memory problems so that’s one reason I can’t share it on here. I’m pretty sure every single person on this small world wants to be receive a compliment for at least once in their lifetime. I am a person with a very low self-esteem and a good compliment feels like shower in a very humid day. That is a very perfect comparison. I don’t need it in every single moment, but I need it regularly. For the very least, three times a week. But duh, where could you buy a robot that compliments you on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays?

My whole point is, when you get a chance to take a person to shower… No, not that. Lol.

When you get a chance to compliment someone, do it. Whether you’re expecting to receive nothing in return, or whether the person finds you ridiculous, do it. You do not know how much it means to the person.  A good compliment could save a life and bring peace to the world even. This is what we all need.

Thank you for reading, you are a very beautiful soul.

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