why is it hard to trust when it comes to this? there is a fear inside that this will later haunt, that this might later become a regret. please prove me wrong, please tell me this is wrong, tell me this is unnecessary. Tell me it won’t hurt anymore, tell me its going to get better, for real.
Razor sharp words has torn the fabric of my soul, and my heart still feels the sting,it has took me courage and time to mend it, its still not fixed and it is as fragile as it can be, I am not up for hurts or lies or betrayal or pushes from 1000 feet tall cliffs, I have had this enough, for once tell me its real, tell me this fire is a spark, and it will not burn me, it will light the way,for once let me that I can trust this blindly.
I cover my eyes and dream of you but stop myself because the memories of the brief past haunts, it draws a thick white, bold line, that I fear to cross. No, it will never be the same again. no, I will never be the same again. I will censor my words and feelings and thoughts and wrap it all in black and throw it away in the deaths of the ocean with all the other secrets, bury it there, safe.
And i don’t know why, but Its all coming back to me, after all those words have left, I am trying to get rid of all that I don’t need. please don’t become one of them.

Published by Aakriti Singh


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