You were sitting right at my side, your long shabby hair reaching out in all directions and your eyes were reflecting in dark bronze glimmer, looking far into the distance, thinking about something, your eyes contained a serious secret which I saw transforming into a bashful childlike blush. You looked down at the table, and I looked at you, releasing for the first time how your face is designed and patterned to take up these soft expressions. I caressed your eyes with my attention for the first time, while you were busy speaking about some past story you have lived, I was busy studying your features and studying your presence. Your presence and your aura plays with my head endless rounds of FAQs. All sorts of doubts and feelings flares in my heart and my head at the same time. For the first  time it captivated me in its warmth and blotted out my ignorance, my denials and my fears. You were sitting there unaware still of the emotions that were spreading like a wildfire, that my conscious witnessed at that moment. I have finally started trusting you, and your vibe, and I believe in what we have established, maybe we are made of mutual atoms of the galaxies who have found their way back home.

Published by Aakriti Singh


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