she is the light of the night

she dreamed of skylines and sequin-nights that were full of her night-time reads and lullabies.

Where she would sneak out to a  rooftop and dance through the night with a book in her hand with those beautiful words that she would take in all inside of her. She would swirl in her night-gown following the tune, syncing in the pages and the words of the poetry.

She would be the star of that night, belonging to a galaxy,casting her light, it’ll be her moment,her time. A night where she will have too much to have than sleep.

A night full of her, where she would need nothing but fairy lights, crystal skies and her coffee cup  printed pages full of her writings.

She will write and write about her life about her ventures and about how she had moments of “eureka”, about how she had a box of chocolates for heartbreaks and tears for sadness and laughs for happiness and huge heart for love and how her music was her life,how she had painted through different colours of life.

She will be the stardust of the galaxies that exploded million of years ago. She will be the magic in the night. She will be a fairy tale, slaying dragons and being a hero, she will be the light of the night.


Published by Aakriti Singh


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