Scoring the Billionaire Review

Scoring the Billionaire Review

Nov 23, 2016, 9:51:37 PM Entertainment

Scoring the Billionaire

By: Max Monroe

The books keep getting better and better. I must say that this is my favorite book in the Billionaire Bad Boy Series. If you love to laugh and have a good time with a great story, then this the book for you. I had this book on pre-order because I couldn’t wait. I’m a sucker for book with single mom/dads. Why? Hell, I don’t know. I think I love that the kid gets someone else to love them. It takes the right person to lover another child has your own. I did have some problems with this book/series like called the billionaire bad boy series and honestly, they aren’t bad boys. Kline Brooks, Thatcher Kelly, and Wes Lancaster are more normal guys with billions of dollars. I mean they may have been when they were younger. I think people think because they sleep around and don’t do relationship means they are a bad boy and that’s just not the case. These guys are in the late 20s early 30s so it the time when people are starting to settle down. Wes Lancaster is a billionaire, who owns the New York Mavericks. He has worked hard for his money so that he gets to do what he wants to with his life. He appreciates the women, cars, travel but he likes it on his own terms.

But here comes Winnie and she is his team’s physician. She is smart and sexy. Winnie wants Wes and Wes wants her. The question is who is going to give in first.  For a Full REVIEW GO over to my Blog where I go into detail about Wes and Winnie`s Story.


Published by Abby Dean

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