Work,Give Thanks and MoveOn

Work,Give Thanks and MoveOn

Sometimes, in life, we all get to a point where we just seem to be lost, tired and unwilling to continue in the pursuit... The truth is, It's normal and sometimes necessary. In these times, some of us get lost completely, others find their way back on track, others just slow down and waste time, some even get back on track after wasting a significant period of time.The ones who could get back on track soon enough is where I'm drawing my point's not about chocolates and roses like i said in a post before.

We have to make things work, as soon as possible, you might be working on something or pursuing a goal, but the sooner you get back to work after such times, the better.

You can look around you, how many people have gotten the chance to be a little close to where you are today? how many people even had just a little percentage of the several opportunities that you've had in the past years? how many people have what you have and are where you are today? We all have to give thanks to the Creator for however seemingly little we might speak,think or act of His grace.Give thanks, be kind towards life, be humble, work hard and be hopeful and you'll get everything.

- Bad times are inevitable but healing is as essential.

Published by AbdulQudus Kole-Ibrahim

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