Your Flaws Are My Blesses

I have revealed my whole me to you, my inside and outside.

It is always very hard to open up to anyone that much. It is quite a huge effort for many of us to allow anyone that deep inside, letting them see our whole image that way, our thoughts, emotions, ideas, and feelings. It is not just a huge effort; it might even be an impossible to reach state, or a nagging nightmare. We fear the judgment of others, and above all, we fear being ditched away.

I bet there have been endless moments, where you favored silence to telling your abstract opinion in a certain situation. Do you remember that day when you found that friend of yours crying. You wished to hold him/her tight. You wished so hard  to calm him/her down, to ensure that we are all alike. But you were afraid to show him/her your real you. Your abstract you with its beauty and darkness. You were keen to help, but without showing anything about your real you. It is mostly because your fear…

None of us is perfect. None of us is complete. Each one of us has his flaws and blessings. Some of us live with destructive flaws for themselves and for those around. Others have blessings that are for everyone available. Some relationships work with both flaws and blessings together. Those are relationships where flaws are accepted and blessings are maintained. This is where people work on finding a common ground together, to build a life. 

In some other relationships, it is even more beautiful. These are relationships where flaws of one are blessings for the other. If someone sees the flaws of the other as blesses, this is the most beautiful optimum relationship ever. They complete each other, literally. When they find their way together to accept each other as they are, and enjoy the way they are as a whole. Let it be partnership, friendship or even at work. Such completeness is a good fertile ground to build a healthy relation, a wonderful relation, and a successful life.


Published by Abeer Ghander

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