What Makes SHAREit The Best Sharing App Even For iPhones

What Makes SHAREit The Best Sharing App Even For iPhones

Aug 17, 2021, 2:41:51 PM Tech and Science

Flashback to a few years ago: you want to transfer data from one device to another. How did you go about it? USB flash drives, cables, accessing Bluetooth cloud storage spaces, or other storage devices can transmit data. Sharing data back in the day meant a long and tiring procedure that was utterly time-consuming - it doesn’t matter whether it is Android, IOS, or Windows.


However, all that is history now, especially after the introduction of the innovative SHAREit application. The SHAREit application is available on all prominent platforms ranging from Google Play Store to Apple Store, from mobile phones to desktops. SHAREit is the go-to application if you want a hassle-free transfer of data from one device to another or from one platform to another without compromising the quality of the data being moved.


SHAREit has been developed by Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based technology company. Best part? You don’t need an Internet or even a Bluetooth connection for this!


What is SHAREit?

Simply put, SHAREit is a peer-to-peer app that is mainly used for sending various types of files. Be it transferring music files or gaming apps; the app supports almost everything! This free application creates a hotspot connection with nearby devices with an active SHAREit turned on. The hotspots used are free and can be shared with a maximum of five devices.


On the launch of SHAREit app for iphone, it was just this - a peer-to-peer application that facilitates transferring data from one device to another. However, the app also holds numerous entertainment features currently. For instance, some of these additional features include playing various video games on the Game Centre and streaming videos.


SHAREit is currently available in approximately 45 languages and transfers data solely using a Wi-Fi connection. Data transfer is conducted using a local network, increasing the speed of data transfer between devices.  


Why SHAREit? What are its features?

As mentioned, SHAREit makes use of the local network for file transfer. This means that the transfer speed is about 200 times more than any Bluetooth transfer or transfer via any other platform. This means no more waiting for ages while a movie transfers!


Also, remember not being able to send many files because there was a file size limit? No more, because SHAREit has no size limit restrictions! SHAREit supports a wide variety of file formats – Apk, Mp3, PDF, MKV, to name a few.


Many apps degenerate the quality of the original file that has been shared. However, that is not the case for SHAREit. File sharing has never been so easy before SHAREit. All you need is the devices to transfer and receive files, and SHAREit automatically creates a hotspot required for the transfer.


What’s even better is, SHAREit also provides a File Manager that you can use to view, sort, and manage the files in your system. SHAREit provides HD quality videos that can also be downloaded to be viewed offline, anytime you want.


The bottom line is, SHAREit is an irreplaceable application that makes file transfer extremely simple, convenient, and time-saving.


How to Install SHAREit for iOS?

Easy! To install the SHAREit application, search it on the App Store. Once you find it, install it. After the installation is over, you can create an account and sign in. Done, now you can instantly start sharing files!


The minimum operating requirement is iOS 12.0. You can then scan your network to search for any available device. After recognizing the device, you can send the data you want to transfer to the application on your iPhone. The last step to complete the process is to accept the files from the other device.


And now, you are done. Keep sharing as many files as you want at lightning speed with as many as five devices! If you can overlook some advertisements, there is no application like this.


Published by Abhitha Ahilya

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