A Day In The Life Of An Architect

A Day In The Life Of An Architect

Aug 2, 2021, 10:07:50 AM Life and Styles

Who is the architect?

Architects in chennai By definition, an architect is a person who designs the structure and oversees their construction. But do you think that's it? Well, it's definitely not how I will define an architect. Creator, problem solvers, collaborators, designers, listeners, leaders, planners, builders, images, managers, multi-taskers, including among the few words that I will use to describe architects in today's developing environments. The ideal architect is also someone who influences people with his imagination and creativity.

So what do you think, how ordinary ways in a professional life of an architect, relax?

According to most, it might, come to the office, make some sketches, assign work to his subordinates, leaving everything on the shoulder they then attend the client and then go to the office peacefully for the house or to the site, right? But let me tell you, that this is a big misunderstanding '. Let me take you through a day routine in my life, as architect Milind Pai.

Throughout my days without doubt starting early, oral is not an option. Morning was the most vital part of my day, because morning was the only time I could focus on my physical fitness and spent peacefully with the family on the breakfast table because there was no upper limit to wrap my day. Unless I have assigned myself to the initial meeting because of client preferences. In today's world, professionals must balance fitness and personal life along with work. Aligning my complete day agenda is also part of my morning routine, thanks to modern technology here which makes life easier. For example, exchanging text with the Office WhatsApp group, check the daily staff report to understand their action plan for that day, and tasks like this only through text, while I have my morning coffee with newspapers, sit on the couch. This process made me and my team got information about activities that occurred in my studio and my team's routine on the site to start the day.

Living in a careless city like Chennai, the Praxis office starts at the needle point at 9:30 a.m., starting with a daily crowd meeting (especially for the design team). All official communications, important letters, text, and other important things are generally discussed in the morning so the office is ready to roll based on the set agenda. In general I prefer morning meetings with prospective clients for any discussion so they can use the rest of the day for other things, what I will talk about in front. Architecturer firms in chennai

In general, there is no stay lunch break and the late is sure to click us! Food only grabs a quick bite and rushes to the next planned meeting or assignment planned, because, prioritizing work and clients is a true architect motto! This happens most of the time but not every day! But careful words for all ... Don't disturb your feeding routine more than an hour because this tends to have a long-term effect on your health during your longer period of life. I also tried to take some food before a long late night meeting because it made me constantly excited.

In my opinion, being an architect like being a high profile seller, who sells' dreams to satisfy clients! Let me explain how ... tapping the desire and requirements of the client's dream home to reality, with a real life budget that is not too bloody; Finish the work with content, happy & satisfied clients, it doesn't sound like an easy mission, right? An architect must do many home visits, markets, sites and offices with clients, which can be at any time along the project, a typical routine is not something that can be owned by the architect because of our work in such a way that our presence is very important when called, or maybe inhibits work and schedule , Personally I prefer to visit sites later on, often to see how a project makes progress.

Come to the most challenging part of the day which is a 'site visit'! This is factually the heaviest part of the day that squeezes all our energy. Someone must take a deep breath, prepare and plunge into the battlefield, handle the supreme client, the contractor picks the brain and doubts of helpless workers. Only about everyone was waiting for our arrival, to improve their complaints. Explain to the implementers of some unique things to apply on the site are daily tasks. Sometimes there are also agencies such as MEP, structural consultants and contractors who always challenge the comfort zone in the life of the architect. Being an architect, is my duty to overcome the problems they face a piece by piece. Someone must negotiate hard to change the dream of his pipes into reality! Especially, when clients are interrupted by overshoot budgets and consumption of time, we must be persistent and focus on what needs to be done next, to get the results desired by both ends. One thing I learned during a period of time was that to get the best results on this visit, it is better to plan them long before with the perfect agenda-based schedule instead of making it at a random fixed interval. In this way I can really reduce the number of visits needed due to efficient planning first. Interiors in chennai

Advancing further, usually advanced days with inspection and correction in design details with my team. The difference leads to an impromptu team meeting, where the architect must be squealed and ensuring that the entire team is on the same page as it and set on track to follow the following days. Overcoming to the team, preparing it to grow and better in their duty with time, more like being a leader and motivator, than their boss.

Office days usually end up sending emails, the final report text, sending images that have been completed for further execution and correction when needed, calls with manufacturers and vendors to place new orders, call a quote and request a new sample, when needed for. After that, it's time to berate the day, take care of accounting or administrative work, and planning for tomorrow. That's how it was over! It sounds broad and tiring, right? Even though the architect did not see the world in terms of the hardest thing they did. They see it in terms of design and create solutions for their clients.

Apart from all this, it was only because of the deep desire that we shared for architecture and design, that architects were never satisfied and the work was never 'done'. They constantly consider new ideas, listen to design news, look for the best pieces or design themselves, whether they are in the office or not! Designinfinity

Yes, weekends are for families, tight, and golf and friends including.

Architecture and design out of fields that are constantly developing and innovating, and is our responsibility to change our desires to be a fantastic result for clients and in the end for our project, where we put in our hearts and souls. Best interior designers in chennai

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