The future of the robot industry and the work content related

Robotics vs Human

The future of the robot industry and the work content related

For high school students, which university to go to is the first big decision in their lives? This choice will have a big impact on your future life. However, many people have never taken the future seriously. Many people are wondering which course to choose from the myriad of possibilities.

If you like science subjects and feel that you are good at them, why not take a look at the robot industry? Robots are a hot field that is often featured in the news now. A world that could only be seen in anime and movies is about to be realized with the latest technology.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the attractiveness and future potential of the robot industry, the content of work, and methods for finding employment.


Why is the robot industry attracting attention?

Have you ever heard that robots and machines will become more widespread in the future and that human jobs will disappear? This is by no means a distant future story. Technological progress is progressing rapidly, and robots are now able to do things that were previously thought to be possible only by humans.

Many people are not very familiar with robots yet and think that even working people have nothing to do with themselves. However, it is an undeniable fact that robots are replacing humans. To put it simply, factories have been mechanized for quite some time, reducing human work.

Various signs are also appearing in scenes where robots have not yet appeared. For example, recently I've come to see the scene of ordering using a tablet at a restaurant. At this store, the work of the person who goes to pick up the order has already been replaced by the machine. Humans are still the ones who bring food now, but it's safe to say that robots will bring it in the future. The restaurant hall staff may disappear.

By introducing robots and machines instead of humans, labor costs can be greatly reduced. Excluding maintenance and other costs, all you need is an electricity bill. Furthermore, it is possible to continue working endlessly without getting tired, and mistakes are made incomparably less than human beings.

Not long ago, an associate professor at Oxford University in the United Kingdom published a treatise on a job that is likely to be lost due to computers and artificial intelligence. According to this treatise, it is estimated that approximately half of the professions that exist today will be lost in the next 10 to 20 years. This treatise is based on data from the US Department of Labor, but that doesn't mean it doesn't apply to Japan. In recent years, not only robot technology but also fields such as AI and IoT have been remarkably developed, and these technologies have the potential to renew the world. Therefore, what is needed is an engineer who knows robots. The robot industry has a lot of potential and is a good choice when considering employment.


What kind of work do you do in the robot industry?

Robot design

In addition to industrial robots used in factories, you may recently be involved in the design of nursing robots and drones. Robot design requires not only a wide range of engineering knowledge but also creative creativity. Keep in mind that large designs can be designed by teams of multiple people instead of one, so collaboration is also required. Also, the design team is not limited to Japanese people. You will also need English proficiency that can be used in the world.


Software development is also required for the robot to operate. Some people may already be programming as a hobby, but in programming in robot design, it is necessary to understand the hardware characteristics such as material engineering well. A wide range of knowledge is required as much as the hardware design.

Robot management

Maintenance is indispensable for robots operating in factories. The administrator who checks whether it is operating normally and operating efficiently also plays an important role.

Jobs that may be born in the future

If the working environment changes, so will the work. For example, there will be professionals such as consultants who specialize in robot operations and advisors who solve ethical problems that arise between workers and robots.

How to get a job in the robot industry

So what do you do to get a job in the robot industry? As a major premise of going to a university where you can study engineering, I will introduce what you will do after enrollment.

Learn the basics of engineering

Immediately after enrollment, you will first study the basic subjects of engineering. For example, electrical/electronic circuits, materials engineering, linear algebra, etc. Some of the content is not directly related to robots, which may seem boring, but if you neglect the basics, you will not be able to understand the story at the stage of learning the application. Let's do our best without letting go of our strength, thinking that this is the place to stay.

Learn robotics

After learning the basics, the next step is to apply. Although the name varies depending on the university, you will take lectures such as "Introduction to Robotics" and "Basics of Robotics". Whether or not you have a specialized lecture on robots is influenced by the curriculum, so you may not be able to learn robotics depending on the department or course. When choosing a university, find out to some extent what kind of lectures you can take.

What you can do now to get involved in the robot industry in the future

Most of the knowledge you need to get involved in the robot industry will be in college. However, if you don't go to college, you can't do anything. For those of you who want to move into the robot industry right away, here's what you can do now.

Work on study

As you might expect, you need to pass the entrance exam to enter university. Even if you're already good enough, it's never a waste to complete what you're learning in high school. It may not seem that what you have learned is directly useful, but once you have a solid foundation, you will deepen your understanding of what you will learn at university.

Try programming and electronic work

Programming can be challenged with a personal computer. If it's not complicated, it will work well on a laptop computer, so why not try it now? You can find many introductory books at the bookstore. I also recommend doing electronic work because you can learn the knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits with your body. It may seem difficult, but recently, introductory sets such as electronic work kits are also on sale. By getting in touch with specialized content early on, understanding will proceed smoothly when you reach the stage of full-scale study at university.

Published by Abujor Al Mamun Rayhan

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