African Boerboel Puppies | The south african mastiff

African Boerboel Puppies | The south african mastiff

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How to Train Boerboel Puppies – Easy and Effective Guide

Puppy lovers will understand that training a Boerboel and training any other dogs are not at all the same. Boerboels are lovely, they are special. However, the need for training applies to any dog owner in the world because dogs are wild and unpredictable. Especially, the guard dogs like Boerboels need proper training so that the surrounding remains safe and no unwanted disturbance is caused.

Boerboel Training Tips


Boerboel owners always feel proud and there are many reasons to be so. A Boerboelor African mastiff puppy is a powerful and intelligent guard dog that can protect its owner and attack the opponent as per the owner’s instructions or training. This breed requires immense efforts in terms of training. Sometimes, Boerboels are not at all in the mood to learn anything. Well, isn’t this scenario similar to any other breed? The purpose of petting a Boerboel dog is usually not to kill an opponent but to attack him properly and protect the family. By choosing the right techniques, you can develop the required skills in your puppy in a short period of time. Here are some effective tips to train a boerboel puppy:

·        Establish communication. When they understand your instruction, they will seamlessly follow it

·        Show your puppy how to do something that you are instructing him

·        Boerboels feel comfortable and happy in large fenced areas rather than apartments

·        Boerboels have aggressive nature and hence socializing them regularly is important

·        Always supervise them around strangers

·        Living with a boerboel makes you their family. Lead the position, define lines and set the rules

·        Take them on everyday walks

·        Exercise and play with your boerboel puppy

·        Make the training interesting by keeping your puppy’s favourite toys and accessories beside

·        Test your dog in private, not in public

How to Find Best Boerboel Puppies for Sale?


Training and petting an African boerboel puppy or boerboel is just special. It doesn’t become hard and risky when you choose the right breeders. There are umpteen boerboel breeders across the globes. You can find some great online portals too displaying an elite collection of Boerboel puppies. And, if you seek a wide variety and quality of African boerboel puppies for sale, can be your one-stop shop. Two decades of experience, professional caretakers, and trustworthy breeders – Atomic Boerboels got everything you would want to ensure before bringing a boerboel puppy home.



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