Let's Go 'TrendiTional' With Gold Necklaces and Bangles

Gold Necklaces and Bangles

Let's Go 'TrendiTional' With Gold Necklaces and Bangles

Jan 22, 2022, 10:05:04 AM Life and Styles

It's never a good idea to sacrifice your sense of style and individuality to keep up with the latest trends. You'll get lost in the process. Instead, take inspiration from what is on the ramp but always make sure to mark your individuality. Celebration is in the air as we are in 2022. When it comes to the festivities, it's time to spruce up your look, put on some eye-catching jewellery, and go out in full force. We at Vaibhav Jewellers have put together some fashionable jewellery styles for you to rock every party. There's a wide variety of jewellery to choose from, ranging from time-honoured classic gold bangles to a newer, more creative gold necklace design. 

Minimalistic approach 

As the minimalist trend makes a comeback, people are seeking for simple things that best express their own style. For example, if you're wearing an ornate dress and don't want to distract from it, go for dainty fashionable jewellery like fancy gold necklace designs from our Glam & Glitz collection. These are our favourites as they strike a perfect balance between style and simplicity. You will find them in numerous multicoloured stone settings. Thus, you can choose any colour setting that fits your personality and skin tone. 

Chic Choker:

With a gold choker necklace, there is no way to go wrong. These are fantastic choices for any occasion because of their stylish and posh appeal. Depending on your mood, you can wear the choker alone or with matching earrings with everything from low-cut tops to Indian sarees. You can don them on a variety of events due to their versatility. Because of its high-quality workmanship and matte gold colour, our 22kt Gold Antique Gold Choker (123VG5434) is a popular choice here. The aesthetic is spectacular, and even if you wear it all day, you will not feel uncomfortable. 

Dainty Necklace

If chokers aren't your thing, don't worry, because necklaces are coming to save the day. Yes, you don’t need to wear a heavy jewellery to steal the spotlight. Even a perfectly designed dainty piece can do the job very well. Vaibhav Jewellers provides a wide selection of short and long gold necklace designs that are sure to enchant you. The Gold Fancy Emerald Necklace (10VG3474) is our top choice with flowery designs and green stones. Designed with a contemporary twist, this timeless piece looks stunning on a petite neck. Signity Gold Neckalce (5VG6119) is another possibility. Sparkling signity stones embellish the necklace's design, which is comprised of tiny cone-like-motifs. In the centre, a vibrant red stone creates a contrast against the white shine and highlights a mango-pattern pendant. This necklace is a work of art in and of itself. You can wear it on anything without any second thought and rock the show. 

Add a Tinge of Tradition: 

With the different possibilities mentioned above paving the way to high fashion in 2022, there are still certain time-tested traditional pieces of jewellery that continue to dominate our hearts. In terms of style, our latest gold bangles match wonderfully with Indian outfits as well as western outfits. Yes, you heard it right. There is a new fashion movement that encourages people to mix and match their outfits to create a unique look. Bangles are no longer reserved for ethnic wear; you can pair them with almost any ensemble.

Bang it with Bangles:

Ditch your regular western-style and pair gold bangles with your outfits to stand out from the crowd. We all have a basic white shirt but often overlook the opportunity to jazz it up. Bangles are the most adaptable and fashionable way to dress your white shirt to its best potential. Roll up your sleeves and decorate your wrists with gorgeous antique bangles such as our Antique Polki Bangles (119VG81). Adding this to your attire will undoubtedly elevate it to a higher level of sophistication. Give your LBD a classic punch with a single broad wrist adornment such as Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Filigry Fancy Half-Inch Bangles (16VJ355). The 22K Conch Antique Single Bangle is another option (125VG973). These one-of-a-kind designs are sure to turn heads. 

Quick Tip:

Yellow gold bangles are best if you have a warm skin tone. If you have a light complexion, go for white gold bangles. If you have a neutral skin texture, feel free to experiment with any colour. 


Prepare to appear like a fashionista in no time with the help of these techniques. These accessories will ensure that you are noticed on any occasion. Always keep in mind that experimenting is necessary. Experiment with these styles and elevate your wardrobe with Vaibhav Jewellers' unique jewellery selection. Turn a few heads as you adorn the world with your beauty and self-assurance.

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