The Sound of Financial Services Commercials

The Sound of Financial Services Commercials

The Sound of Financial Services Commercials

Jan 1, 2021, 10:59:59 PM Creative

What do all financial services commercials have in common? Bottom line: to create or nurture trust. This important goal is at the heart of the creative (story, images, messaging) and the essence of the voiceover in anything finance. Money is a touchy issue and can foster anxiety and fear. The cash itself is not what people actually care about, but what it represents – freedom, security, space, time, independence, community, pride, experiences (travel), the ability to pursue your passions, relaxation, status, choice. Sound right?

But the flip side of that coin is stamped with the negative emotions surrounding the lack of understanding about money, and by the shortage, waste or loss of money. Financial shortfalls bring disappointment, frustration, and the feeling that banks and financial service companies don’t really care about their clients or customers.

For these reasons, the message, the story, the voiceover work in concert to build and solidify trust. We go to investment advisors for retirement, for savings accounts, for saving money for transactions or on loans. The financial services sector includes credit unions, banks, brokers, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, general and life insurance, mortgages, and fin tech, like digital services. Done well, ads for products or services target messages to address consumer concerns and offer solutions.

To the consumer whose eyes glaze over at mutual funds and investments, the messaging centers on being complication free. A matching voiceover might be friendly and warm, light-hearted or reassuring. The sound and mood counter the scary and bring relief.

Mortgages and educational savings products can be big long-term ventures. People undertaking them are looking for a partner not an institution. Sincerity, heart and authenticity speak volumes in these ads. Fin tech produces results for issues in today’s world. Messaging, story and voice over in these ads range from the savvy and authoritative to the modern, confident sophisticate.

It’s a fine line to ride. Listeners and viewers like to think the decisions they make are logical, but purchase decisions are almost always emotional, then backed with logical justifications. The most well-crafted ads for financial services do both.

I spoke with voice over artist Kim Handysides for this piece.

Published by Adam Donovan

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