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Hello. My name’s Adam. I’m a creative writer, mostly fiction, though lately I'm focusing on my blog, Write Thoughts (
I’ve always loved stories, but when I was ten I started to notice patterns in the stories, and I began looking for specific stories that broke the pattern, until one day, thoroughly frustrated, I decided to write the story I was looking for myself.

The results were rubbish, but the experience was intoxicating. Stories have always struck me as magical; the way that someone I’ve never met can put thoughts and ideas, memories, into my mind, using only words.

At first I focused on cranking out stories as fast as I could. Then I tried focusing on a single story, trying to perfect it. As time passed I tried various techniques, before finally settling on a little bit of everything.

Creating posts on writing help me to better organize my ideas about writing, while reviews force me to more thoroughly analyze and understand why and how a story works. I also make it a point to spend at least a few hours a week working on a story; either developing, writing, or revising it.
To anyone who’s interested in writing, I recommend joining or forming a writer’s group. The support helps you get in the habit of working on writing regularly.

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