Book Review: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets-3.5/5

Book Review: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets-3.5/5

Something stalks the halls of Hogwarts.

When Harry learned he was a wizard he knew things would never be the same, and yet, a year later he found himself back at Private Drive, without a letter to his name, and only his owl to prove it hadn’t all been a dream. Until a strange visitor comes to issue a warning. “Terrible things are about to happen at Hogwarts.” Soon students will be struck down by a mysterious enemy, and the only clue is a legend that harkens back to the very founding of the school.

Familiar features help pull readers in quickly, with new characters and adventures that elaborate on the existing story in colorful ways. This serves as both merit and flaw, as some scenes imitate the first book without adding any real innovations. Gradually the story shifts, taking on darker tones as vague allusions give way to concrete threats, transforming the castle into a dangerous maze of corridors that conceal a killer.

The dark atmosphere is offset by a series of humorous subplots, which regrettably reduce some of the new characters to a mere running gag. In spite of this characters continue to be a strength of the series, struggling with their own identity even as they try to unravel the mystery behind the attacks. Tensions build towards a strong but predictable ending, with well-timed revelations, adding to the overarching puzzle that unites the series as a whole.

+Strong Characters
*Young read
*Strong but familiar ideas
*Touches of humor
-Fragmented plot


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