Book Review: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix-3/5

Book Review: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix-3/5

Even his dreams have become a battleground.

Harry returns to Privet Drive shaken. Haunted by the events of last year, he searches for answers, until a magical attack nearly costs him his life. In its wake accusations fly, demanding that Harry answer for his actions, until the Order intervenes. But even they are powerless to prevent a new teacher from bringing the full weight of the Ministry down on Hogwarts, forcing both faculty and student alike to guard their words.

In many ways this is a turning point. Whimsy and humor are increasingly marginalized as the series explores the more serious themes of grief, romance, jealousy, and wrath. As the boy who brought word of Voldemort’s return, Harry is twisted into a symbol of resentment, the harsh truth that many refuse to accept.

The theme of information runs throughout the story, beginning with Harry’s quest for answers, and gradually expanding to include the story’s numerous subplots. Audiences are invited to try and solve the various mysteries, sifting through an abundance of information that helps to truly shed light on every corner, and character, of the magical world. Unfortunately the subplots are so numerous, and so abundantly detailed, that some readers may feel a certain kinship with the characters, cramming for their final exams.

Eventually the subplots taper down, and audiences are treated to a series of deeply personal scenes, as Harry truly steps into his own, bringing the story to a rich ending unrivaled by the series thus far.

+Strong Setting
*Large Cast of Strong Characters
*Numerous Subplots
*Blend of mature and adolescent themes
*Longest in the series


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