Book Review: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone-4/5

Book Review: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone-4/5

Nov 5, 2016, 7:16:30 PM Entertainment

A living legend learns his story.

Vernon Dursley, an aggressively ordinary man, sets out for work. But the world has become a strange place. Wizards walk openly, and owls fly, carrying the most wondrous of news. A great evil has been vanquished, and before the night is through Vernon and his family will be forced to take in the baby who changed it all, Harry Potter. Neither welcomed nor loved, he will wait, unaware, for the day when the magical world comes to reclaim their hero, the Boy Who Lived.

What follows is both familiar and refreshing, as Harry learns his story alongside the audience. His fame only serves to enhance the awkward search for identity, as everyone Harry meets already “knows” his story. Harry is forced to wade through assumptions and expectations as he struggles to find his place in a new school. The story once again elevates a common experience with a unique complication, the school is magical. Whimsical adventures establish new characters in artful ways. Much of the story will be familiar to any veterans of fantasy, but this author manages it with a master’s flair.

+Strong Characterization
+Strong Setting
+Strong Narrative Voice, with touches of Humor
*Young Read
*Predictable but enjoyable plot & ideas


Published by Adam Michael

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