Book Review: Hell House-3.5/5

Book Review: Hell House-3.5/5

Oct 27, 2016, 7:39:44 PM Entertainment

A life studying sin, a death spent applying it.

Emeric Belasco hosted the most in depth exploration of depraved pleasure, continuing even into death. Twice groups have traveled to the Belasco House to dispel the evil, and both times the house either killed them or drove them mad. Now a dying mogul sends four people to investigate: a spiritual healer, a survivor, a scientist, and his wife. The story reads like a supernatural mystery, with frequent but tasteful allusions to sex and violence. Each character offers a unique voice and perspective as they pore over the clues. The story lingers in anticipation, relying on small doses of the supernatural to maintain the tension, as each character slowly unravels. As the story nears its conclusion the conflict accelerates, tearing through each character in a whirlwind before bringing it to an abrupt resolution. The answer, once revealed, becomes unremarkable, but the story only lingers long enough to answer a few remaining questions, providing a small measure of closure.

+Strong Descriptions
+Strong Characters
+Strong Suspense
*Strong Sexuality
*Simple Plot


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Published by Adam Michael

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