Can At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Really be Effective?

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Can At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Really be Effective?

Sep 1, 2021, 1:09:54 PM Life and Styles

Are you aware that your teeth might get discoloured due to improper oral hygiene, too much consumption of foods or drinks and smoking? If yes, then you can regain the color of your brighter teeth and boost confidence levels by performing whitening treatment. You need to brush, floss and clean teeth properly so that your dental health gets improved. But when there is some kind of discoloration in the teeth and this oral concern is hurting your confidence, then getting your teeth whitened is the right option. It is suggested to perform professional whitening at the clinic and most people think whether they can attain the same result at their home’s comfort. 

Teeth whitening kits have gained immense popularity as they provide a convenient way to get teeth whitened. They can be used without taking professional help but do not ensure to deliver the same results.

How will teeth whitening kits work?

At-home teeth bleaching kits consist of whitening gels that have hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. They are available with trays that allow the bleaching process by holding whitening gels in continuous contact with your teeth.

Pre-filled and moldable trays 

Both moldable and pre-filled trays can be heated up for molding onto the teeth. They use hydrogen peroxide in the form of whitening agent that sets bleaching action after getting into contact with the teeth. You may use plastic trays off and on for filling them with whitening gel as required.

These trays usually act in the form of one-size-fits-all kits and deliver the most desirable results.

Kits with LED light

Teeth whitening kits that have LED lights have gained popularity due to their aesthetic appeal. They are available with moldable or pre-filled trays having whitening gel with an LED light being attached to them for activating the whitening gel and starting with the procedure. The LED light may improve the effect of hydrogen peroxide that can deliver better initial results in comparison to that of moldable and pre-filled trays. But the effects of light are very short due to tooth dehydration and there isn’t any benefit to using LED light for your teeth whitening.


How will you use teeth whitening kits?


Most whitening kits have been designed to use daily for 4 to 14 days straight, based on the kit. The bleaching agents has to be left in contact with the teeth for at least one hour to attain the most desired results.

Each kit may differ based on the number of treatments and they are available with written instructions. It is advised that you read them carefully on how to use them properly with a shade guide to evaluate your progress.

How are teeth whitening kits effective?

At-home teeth whitening kits may deliver some results, but they have their restrictions. Teeth whitening kits are usually effective in getting rid of some stains and discolorations. In-office teeth whitening seem to be more effective as it uses whitening treatments with hydrogen peroxide concentrations of nearly 40 percent, while most kits and whitening products do not have more than 10 percent of concentrations.

It is important to maintain teeth properly and free them completely from unwanted stains. This can be done easily through teeth whitening treatment and with at-home teeth whitening methods, they might not always deliver the same results like with in-office methods. You may book a free consultation for teeth whitening in London and get yourself treated from the dentists at the clinic.


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