Can Teeth Whitening Damage the Enamel of Your Teeth?

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Can Teeth Whitening Damage the Enamel of Your Teeth?

May 10, 2021, 12:28:45 PM Life and Styles

Societal concern always roams in the mind of the people especially regarding their appearance. The smile is the key thing that notices in a person by others. Dental health can be easily reflected by tooth colour. But if there is yellowish tint to the teeth, what will you do then? Should you undergo teeth whitening or are you thinking it may be dangerous for dental health?

In this post, we shed light on some of the efficient ways for the protection of enamel addressing harmfulness of teeth whitening as well. So, let’s check....

What is the significance of teeth enamel?

Tooth enamel is the most typical jargon everyone probably hears of! But do you why is it so vital to have? It is the outermost sheen layer of teeth veiling the crown. It acts as the very first shield to retain the dental health from chemical and physical harm.  

Protection of the dentin, the most sensitive and softer inner tooth is the key function of enamel. Although it possesses a defensive nature yet it is highly susceptible to break down. Enamel is threatened to acidic, starchy and sugary substances. Dentin is also protected from daily activities of the teeth i.e., grinding, crunching, biting and chewing by the enamel. 

What you can do if enamel gets reduced?

Although one of the toughest tissues; yet enamel isn’t indestructible at all. If it damages once repairing is impossible due to its deficiency from living cells. Unlike the full human anatomy which can repair on its own, enamel is the only substance which damages forever. There is no scope to repair it there by following the below-mentioned preventions is the only way to avoid such occurrences:

External prevention

Enamel erosion can be easily prevented by cutting of acidic and sugary beverages and fruits from your diet. These kinds of food substance cause reactions and damage the enamel easily. As soon as it comes into the contact of the teeth, it reacts with the bacteria leading to the production of lactic acid which eats over the healthy minerals. 

Enamel gets broken down due to the consumption of hard candies like ice, lollipops and warheads. Due to pressurised biting all these can be responsible for chips and cracks. Instead, you can enjoy such items by sucking to prevent the teeth enamel.

If cutting of the acidic and sugary food isn’t possible for you then brushing must be done thoroughly. This will let the phosphates and calcium to make the tooth enamel tough and hard again.

Some external attributes which can damage the enamel are given here for your reference:

  • Dry mouth
  • Medications
  • Acid reflux
  • High intake of Vitamin C
  • Excessive consumption of sugary eateries
  • Excessive consumption of starchy dishes
  • Highly consumption of acid-rich fruit drinks
  • Excess drinking of certain beverages like soft drinks

Internal prevention

Along with extricate environmental attributes, internal aspects have an integral role too in damaging the teeth enamel. Some of the regular causes are regular wear and tear and improper friction.

Mostly friction takes place at the time of sleeping when you grind or clench the teeth. Tear and wear results from excessive hard brushing, biting on hard components and inappropriate flossing. 

Enamel erosion- Warning signs

  • Yellowish discolouration
  • Pain and sensitivity to temperatures and various foods
  • If teeth become jagged, irregular and rougher than before
  • Appearance of indentions on the teeth surface

Is teeth whitening safe for the enamel?

Yellowish discolouration of the teeth is a clear indication of the damaged enamel. At that point of time, you can think opting to teeth whitening with a major concern- ‘is it damage teeth enamel more?’ No, the procedure of teeth whitening doesn’t damage your tooth enamel. Remember, the natural white colour of the teeth is promoted by dentin.

During the procedure, a medicated whitening solution will be used for coating the exposed layer of the teeth. Soon, it will start seeping into the dentin. It will lighten the stained internal tissue making your teeth whiter from deep inside. The time procedure is actually depended on the kind of teeth whitening procedure you choose. So, consult with your dentist today and restore your wonderful dazzling smile.  

Treatment of enamel loss

Bonding is the most typical enamel loss treatment widely available. It is actually tooth-coloured resin material applied over damaged teeth. It coats up the yellowish discolouration protecting the teeth from further loss of enamel. However, if the condition is extremely worse then you will be suggested to undergo crown and veneers to protect the teeth from further decaying.

Enamel loss prevention

There are some specific treatment to whiten the teeth and take care of the enamel at the same time. Are you bothered about enamel loss? Visit at to schedule your appointment to save your smile!



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