Do Moisturisers Help to Brighten Your Dull Complexion?

Do Moisturisers Help to Brighten Your Dull Complexion?

May 18, 2017, 4:20:03 PM Life and Styles

Yes, moisturizer can brighten any dull skin as long as the affected takes the procedures seriously. There are so many varieties of moisturizer of which some give the same results while others have different impacts. Make use of your dermatologist who will lead you through the best moisturizer to use to brighten your skin. Do not rush to any product you find working well on your friend since you have different skin types that react differently to certain products. It is advisable to clear off dull skin to look beautiful but, if you have sensitive skin do not try moisturizers which contain chemicals. There are those natural moisturizers that have no effect on your skin yet are very cheap and easily available. 5 Causes of dull skin basing solutions on moisturizer.

#1.  Sun Exposure

The sun is famous for its dangerous UV rays that are a threat to the human skin. Continuous exposure of the skin to the sun leads to a formation of sunburns and later the dull skin. Apply sunscreen make up that allow your skin to have an easy time in the sun. In addition, wear a large hat that will be able to cover the skin well enough from the rays. Make a daily routine clean off make up before you sleep and apply a moisturizer of your choice. This moisturizer will help to clear off any sunburns or dull skin formed during the day. You will always have a radiant and bright skin when you follow this procedure correctly.

#2.  Dust and Pollution

The environment you live in can be the cause of your endless dull skins. Polluted environment exposes your skin to stuffiness preventing an inflow of clean oxygen and proper flow of blood in the skin. This leads to dirt and dead cell clogging the skin pores leading to a formation of dull skin. First, you need, to change the environment, detox and exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis. In addition, make use a moisturizer of your choice before sleeping to help speed up the lightening process. Do not be impatient with the process hence, you may not achieve the complete bright skin.

#3.  Improper Cleansing

Be keen when cleaning your skin which will make it responds to any kind of treatment you offer. Avoid being a too harsh i.e. use of harsh detergents and scrubs which end up injuring your skin and leave marks. Use gentle detergents, soft towel, and some cool water to give your easy skin time while cleaning. Use warm water to rinse and dry with a soft, clean face towel. Avoid drying your face with the same towel you used to dry the rest of your body since it will spread infections to your face which is very sensitive. You can also dry your face by gently tapping it using your hands and the use a moisturizer of your choice. In case, your skin reacts to the chemical moisturizers and fight dry skin with natural moisturizers. They help in brightening the dull skin.

#4.  Poor Diet

There is no healing process involving the human body that can succeed while the concerned party is feeding poorly. Balanced diets always boost anybody process especially the skin healing process. Ensure that you include lots of vegetables and fruits to boost skin reformation i.e. creation of new cells and elimination of dead cells. During this process, the clogged skin pore is able to open up leading to the reduction of the dry and dull skin. The moisturizer comes in as a catalyst before you sleep to enable speed up the process of skin lightening.

#5.  Overworking

Work a maximum of 8 hours in a day to ensure that your body has enough time to rest. Overworking makes your skin look old dull and tired; no makeup can make it look bright. The only solution is to use brighteners and moisturizer to keep the skin bright. Make sure that you rest enough to reduce the formation of old skin and enhance the bright skin.


Identify the cause of your dull skin and the type of your skin. This will enable you to know the best kind of moisturizer is supposed to use to clear off the dull complexion. The most recommendable moisturizers are homemade since they will not expose your skin to cancer risk. To avoid having a dull skin always have a protective makeup that will keep your skin safe from any harsh weather conditions. Feed properly to keep your body immunity high, giving you a guarantee you have a resistant skin despite any conditions. Make sure you moisturize your skin daily after cleaning makeup; this will give your skin a glowing and bright look.

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