How Law Firms Can Drive More Qualified Traffic to Their Website

How Law Firms Can Drive More Qualified Traffic to Their Website

Oct 29, 2020, 8:19:54 AM Business

After years of experience, I have come to relaise that there are majorly two ways to drive qualifiee traffic to a law firm website.

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Organic traffic via SEO

In this article, I will be sharing how you can leverage SEO to draw qualified traffic to your website. In this post, we will be looking at:

  • What SEO Is
  • How to get your website ready for SEO
  • How to choose an SEO company to work with
  • What you should know about SEO so you don't get burnt

What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website so it ranks higher in Search Engines.

That is the minialistic version of what SEO is. And most times, when we talk about searh engines, we usually refer to Google as they are prominently the most popular search engines out there. However suffice to say that other search engines exists.

The good news is that what usually applies to one search engine especially Google is practically the same as other searche engines so once you can get your site optimized for Google, then you are likely to have optimized for other search engines out there.

How to Get Your Website Ready For Google

When people think SEO or what I will like to refer to as optimization, they forget that it usually start and ends with their website. You see, one truth is that Google does not rank website. They rank web pages.

Therefore for SEO to work for you, you need to get your website ready.

Below are some of the comon factors that you need to put in place

  • Your website is fully deployed:
  • Your website is user friendly
  • Your website is mobile friendly
  • Your website contact form is ready
  • People have good UX when they land on your website

I have seen suitation where people want to do SEO and when I visit their website, I just know that optimizing this website is really not going to drive value for the users and therefore nothing for the owners of the site.

A good website must be functional. That means all the buttons must work, it must display well on devices and you must have good content already written.

These are the things I considered as bare essnetials.

Yes, it is possible for SEO to fix this but it will be much better if you already have taken care of some of these things before you approach a company to carry out SEO on your website.

How to choose an SEO company to work with

Now that your website is ready, how do you choose an SEO company to work with.

Your choice of preference will depend on your own personal approach. While some people prefer to choose a reputable company that has done SEO before, other will prefer to go for a repuatable SEO company that is laser focussed on the law industry.

Each of this has it's own advantage and disadvantage.

No matter how you intend to approach it, I will suggest that you choose an SEO company based on:

  • proven track record
  • that understands your industry
  • have a human touch
  • within your budget

What you should know about SEO so you don't get burnt

By now, you should begin to have some basic ideas of how to go about your getting an SEO company to work with but what are some of the basic things you need to know so that your law frim SEO guide drive can yeild result and drive people to your business

SEO takes time: Most seo project takes a mininmum of 3-6-12 months before you can achieve your goals. The goal of any SEO project is to rank you #1 for your target keyword. This is not going to happen overnight so you need to be prepared for that

Successful SEO is based on a sound keyword research: All successful SEO projects are based on a sound keyword research. As the onwer of the law firm, you should have a list of keywords that you want to show up for already. These keywords should be shared with your SEO partner so they can based on that, conduct a proper keyword universe research for you. Once that is done, you both will need to now agree on a set of keyword that you want to rank for.

You necessarly do not need to buy links: You must have heard how important links is to SEO and you might even be sold already on the amount you need to spend on links so you can rank higher. The challenge is that without a proper competitive analysis, you may not know how many links you need and how much that will cost.

Therefore do not take a link first approach to your SEO project. Ask yourself, if you have explore all the other aspect of SEO before you begin to think ot link

The process above is not exclusive but when you follow it, you begin to build a good foundation for your SEO project.

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