Is going to a university a privilege for rich kids only?

Is going to a university a privilege for rich kids only?

My biggest dream is to become a psychologist. To do that, I have to get a masters degree. To get a masters degree I have to go to a university. I know I would probably be accepted, I'm not stupid. Everything is all fun and games until it all comes down to money. How should I, a 23 year old person, get the money to afford all of this?

The education itself is free, which is really really good. The living costs make me worried though. I would have to rent an apartment (obviously not by myself) or live in a dorm and well .. live. I think it's time now to ask the question: is going to uni a privilege for rich kids only? It seems that way. From what I've heard is that you can't really work for the first 2 years, because you're stuck at school studying. Makes sense, you have to work hard to get your degree. Am I supposed to run to my mother and beg for money? What if my mother can't help me? I have a full time job, I save up as much as possible every month. But you know what? It's still not enough..

Let's not make this about me anymore. Imagine, that somewhere out there is a person, who's ambitious and smart and that person's biggest wish is to go to a university. No matter how hard that person wants, they still can't go and study. Why? Because they can't afford renting an apartment in another city. They don't have parents who can support them financially. What should that person do? Give up their dream?

Sometimes I think that I'm missing a point. How can people, who earn less that I do live better lives? How can they afford more?

Okay, rant's over. There are just so many questions left unanswered. 
ps! don't tell me to get a student loan, I already have a mortgage. 


Published by Adeliina Pahapill

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