Apr 17, 2017, 1:07:42 AM Opinion

“Perhaps, the first error was our overreliance on two godfathers who were working at cross purposes, we were looking up to them for our salvation and keeping faith in their projections unknown to us that the hitherto strong and virile family ties that produced the victory at the two previous elections had since been broken beyond any amicable repairs.”

                                                                     By Chief Dapo Oke, FCAI

                (In his article titled “MARGINALISATION OF OGUNWEST: REAL OR IMAGINED?”)




No doubt, ‘godfatherism’ has come to stay not only in Nigerian politics but all over the world. Let’s come down home – Yewaland. We failed in 2011, not because we were not prepared but because we paid little attention to small things that matter one of which is unguided godfatherism - as identified by Chief Dapo Oke. The sitting governor and the former president had different candidates, and we were so focused on the ruling party. Therefore, our doggedness was not prolific. The penultimate election was commendable; going against a sitting governor was just out of it.


 2019 is very much around the corner. Events are unfolding with all attention drawn to Yewaland. With a proliferation of aspirants and their garrulous social media promoters, what is certain is that we are in for a show. More bizarre is the conspicuous division in the two major political parties in the state.


But I have my fears. It is easy for one to prognosticate the 2011 scenario in the coming election, results excluded. The sitting governor has promised to support the YewaProject in 2019, culturally and deductively, he must have a candidate. The ‘Lagos Hand’ has also penetrated with a coalition of former governers of Ogun and Lagos presenting a candidate. But unlike 2011 when we had a united opposition party, the present opposition party, then the ruling party, is divided. There is also a possibility of a faction emerging from the ruling party. However, what is certain is that all there will be a candidate, not an aspirant, who is not a Yewa man. I will stop here, I hope you understand my fears.


We want equity! But equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber. Our candidates are after equity but have risen on the basics of equality, a message to other regions? Is 2019 not two years away? Time will tell!

Published by Adeyemi A. Adeola

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