7 Things that are secretly killing you!

7 Things that are secretly killing you!

When you’re in a constant fight with yourself, you struggle to see things in perspective.

This was happening to me a few months back. I have (well HAD) FOMO, I could not focus on one thing and had a hard time doing things that brought me peace.

Having a caring brother came in handy for me luckily. While he saw me struggling through pages of books and web, he quietly took my post it pad, wrote down a list and pated it on top of my study. I have to tell you, it was the most harsh and yet rightly put words that I so needed to hear/read.

And I’m here to share these gems with you.

So all you need to do is DROP these:-

#1 Self- Doubt

#2 Perfectionism

#3 Impatience

#4 Negativity

#5 Multi-Tasking

#6 Rigidity

#7 Procrastination

These are quite self explanatory. Doing all these things were really killing my soul, so I took these seriously and I'm happy to report that I have way less anxiety than I did before and everyday I wake up with a purpose and satisfaction knowing that things are gonna go my way and for my best interest, because it is me who is the driver of my own life.

If only you could make yourself believe that THIS moment is all you have with you, you can either dwell on things that aren't right in your life or you can seek to live it to the fullest, you’ll be able to live a much peaceful and (dare I say) happier lifestyle.

So, enjoy the little things and just do what brings you comfort and satisfaction.


Published by Aditi Sharma

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