"Waste of Time" what it actually means?

"Waste of Time" what it actually means?

“If you died today, what would be your biggest regret?”

In a study conducted, the top most reason that came up to its answer was:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

All of the fears we face regularly are the things that, when left ignored for a long period, equal a lifetime’s worth of regret.

Imagine your eulogy; how is it looking? Do you see your career successes in there? Do you see people praising your PPTs or the tremendous amount of energy you put in all your assignments?

”Our eulogies are always about the other stuff: what we gave, how we connected, how much we meant to our family and friends, small kindnesses, lifelong passions, and the things that made us laugh.”- Arianna Huffington

Arianna is right. In the end what really matters are the things you can’t evaluate with a deadline or monthly pay cheques. Our lives are eventually about our feelings, which are too powerful to even measure or make concrete.  Things like connection, kindness, passion, fulfillment, amusement, and audacity.

I don’t want to depress you or anything, but isn't it a huge heartbreaking reality that people never realize what actually matters to them until it’s too late?

Good News!!!

If you’re reading this… It’s NOT too late for you!

Most of you are young and doing well and are in your 20s-30s.

This means that none of you have a good excuse for wasting your life… There’s ample time to turn things completely around.

And trust me; it is not that hard to change.

This is how to GET STARTED with turning things around in your favor:-

Take an honest look at your priorities. What are you giving too much consideration to? How much are you living to please other people, at your own expense? What are you afraid to do because it’s “risky”? What aren't you giving yourself permission to explore?

You must remember that none of your fears are worth your worry. I bet that, looking at the bigger picture of your life, your current concerns are actually so negligible that you’ll severely regret how much importance you gave them.

If NOT being true to who you are is the biggest thing you’re ever going to regret … then you’re totally liberated. You quite literally have nothing to lose. And that is the best news ever.

The only way you can waste your life is if you don’t live it on your own terms and conditions.

Published by Aditi Sharma

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