Why can't you be what you want to be? (40 Sec read)

Why can't you be what you want to be? (40 Sec read)

Sep 10, 2016, 2:37:18 PM Creative

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Ten years down the line

They will see
Greenery of your bank account,
Area of your mansion,
Cash in your pocket,
Post of your job, :)

Hardly will be the eyes who will decipher
The murdered dream,
Tormented wish,
Crumpled vision,
Soul who has been in Gehenna, :(
Behind those Shekels or Dollars or Rupees

Yet today they are the only ones who are suggesting telling you
This is what you should be
And this is what you're going to be,


But I want to ask "Why can't you be what you want to be?"

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