Single Page Application – Flutter Vs React Native

Single Page Application – Flutter Vs React Native

Aug 27, 2020, 10:03:47 AM Tech and Science

Here I’ll give you a brief introduction about the apps for the development of mobile applications and Single page applications.

When anything starts it cannot be perfect until it gets older, basically, everything needs time and experiment to be better. When the internet was first introduced, and the web apps were less capable, pages take tame to response the performance of JavaScript was not up to the mark. We need to communicate to a new server for every click and the browser load a new page for each click, this was a time consuming and slow process as the technology has taken place in each aspect of life, JavaScript has become advanced. With the help of JavaScript, developer were able to introduce Single page applications. These apps are built-in JavaScript Framework. It is like a mobile application where JavaScript works in such a way that all the activity occurs on a single page, and it doesn’t load a new page on click.

Single page application works without the reload of the page and also within a browser. In another way, the Single page application doesn’t need to reload of pages and gives the fast response by each click. Examples are Google, Facebook, Google Maps, and Twitter. These apps become popular by having not only a fast response but gives a better user experience. People always go with the quality and the beer user experience, these apps are made to keeping that in mind. There are some advantages to a single page application.

  • Fast response on every click as it doesn’t reload the page.
  • Smooth in scrolling the page and minimum lag.
  • Less data consuming.
  • Easy use in mobile phones.
  • Help to grow business, if the landing page gives fast response it attracts the customer.
  • Efficiency.

There was a time when only a few applications were available for mobile, but as the technology is growing, applications for mobiles are being done advanced and fast. These applications are made by developers using some app developing applications. There are lots of applications available for developers to build an app for Android or IOS. Flutter is one of the popular app for application development.

Flutter is made by “Google” and a complete toolkit for building advanced applications. Flutter has made the app-building more interesting and easy to use. All you need to do is just download the app from the developer’s website, and follow the steps to run the command. You can develop the apps easily without using extra coding and commands as it works with existing codes.

Advantages of Flutter

•    Fast Development Experience

•    User-friendly and flexible UI

•    Native Performance

Similarly, as the Flutter, there is one more interesting app React Native available in the market for application development. It works the same way and developed by a competitor “Facebook”. It can be used to develop apps for both Android and IOS. It an open-source platform that is available for everyone free of cost. It is a powerful tool in the community for development. It is faster than any other app available for developers.

Advantages of React Native

  • Easy to use
  • Native development for everyone
  • Fast Refresh
  • Facebook supported community-driven

React Native has been used to develop many apps, some of these are Discord, Skype, Ping, Uber Eats, Instagram, and many more.

As we many options available in the market today for app development, it a difficult task for a developer too choose apps between them for their project, mainly from the top competitors, like React Native and Flutter. These are the top applications and have been picked most by the developers. Let’s have some discussion about both and answer which one to choose.

Flutter works with existing codes that give you access to create an app in a single database, whereas React Native works with JavaScript Framework, used for writing real and native apps for mobiles. Where React Native uses JavaScript as a programming language, while the Flutter works with Dart programming language. If we compare both by the popularity, well React Native is more and widely used by the community, and Flutter is less used. When it comes to user experience, Flutter gives smooth experience to users, and because of their one code database system. Components in React Native looks native, in case you are looking for an app which can be more similar in each platform, so the React Native would be a better choice for you. Overall if we can say Flutter is a little faster than React Native.

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