A 'sound' start :)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post here.. and I so want make a sound impression with this one ;) 


Well, I am here to share a Sound Bath Meditation track that can be used for relaxation, healing and meditation and also as soothing "white noise" at workplaces, schools etc. Hope you find it helpful.

An hour crafted with Zen sounds, melodious music, bird calls and other nature sounds with pleasant visuals :) Most of these sound sources are so designed to bring balance to the right and left parts of the brain thereby bringing a soothing effect that facilitates focus and mindfulness.


The track attempts at grabbing the dynamics of the mind with the help of calming ambiances and even hard hitting sounds at times, just like how a master or parent would do! Towards the end the sound becomes soothing and calming as if at the end of a “Sound Bath” it caresses you with a motherly touch :) The visuals have been woven to keep you joyfully engaged in positive and uplifting scenes from life. You can use it for meditation or even play it in the background while you work or do your daily chores!


Some simple suggestions about experiencing such soundbaths:

  • Put on a comfortable pair of headphones OR play the music in a good surround sound speaker system (small earphones/speakers, phone speakers etc might not give a fuller sound)
  • Be in a comfortable posture
  • Hit play, sit back and RELAX. Do not concentrate..just relax and listen to the various sounds in the track
  • Breathe deep and gently, preferably in sync with the music
  • Do not take this as a task.. just relax and let the music flow while you witness the same
  • Close your eyes*

The sounds are so designed to soothe you.. and if you co-operate with the music in the manner specified above, it’ll help even more. 

*For those who prefer to keep their eyes open, we’ve added some simple visuals to the track.. try and just witness the visuals and not analyze them :)



  • Singing Bowls and Chimes have been played by my mom, Shashi
  • All other sounds are programmed by me using specialized organic sound sources!
  • The visuals are from the footage that me and my sis, Arunima, captured during our several excursions during past few years.
  • Direct link to my Meditation Music blog: https://adityapathak.net/meditation/


Happy experiencing :)


Published by Aditya Pathak


Jun 28, 2016, 2:17:27 PM

Thanks for your message Jeff! Great to hear from you and I'm glad to learn that there are more musicians here who like 'experimental' stuff. I also love to use field recordings a lot, though mostly for relaxation purposes. Will check out your blog soon. Looking forward to interact more ..cheers and best wishes! :)

Jun 28, 2016, 1:52:51 PM

Hello! I'm also a new content contributor over here and I wanted to welcome more music and stuff like this! I do experimental soundwork in addition to straight forward Rock stuff. As a solo artist my stuff leans toward longform journeys, instrumental sound collages that incorporate field recorded sounds and various sources, not always relaxing, but this also reflects life. Followed your blog. Cheers! Jeff SF

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