Must have pages in a Lawyer’s Website to Attract More Clients

Must have pages in a Lawyer’s Website to Attract More Clients

Jul 7, 2021, 1:29:39 PM Business

To stand out in such a competitive era, lawyers need to spread their wings in the online world. But online marketing has widened to a broad spectrum. So, the lawyers should have their ducks in a row.

Lawyer web design is an effective way to enhance presence in the online world. For most lawyers, web designing is not the area of expertise. So, when it comes to website designing, lawyers should first understand the essentials in designing. 

A lawyer’s web design should contain all the elements to attract potential clients and build credibility. For effective online marketing, it’s essential to keep the website updating, embrace it with fresh ideas and new changes.

Highly optimized lawyer web design targets their high-value clients and includes an engaging user experience. The lawyers can present unique branding by embracing essential elements of the website. Contacting a law firm SEO company helps the lawyers to have a better rank on search engine pages.

Must have pages in a Lawyer Web Design

Undoubtedly, a Homepage, the most essential element on a website, attract more clients to lawyers website. Yet, some other pages include essential elements that drive more traffic and attract potential clients.

Let’s focus on some of the pages that can’t get sidelined in a lawyer’s Web Design.


After the homepage, the second-most visited page on the lawyer's website is the About page. The about page entails details about the background and personality of the lawyer’s services. Through the About page, the visitors understand how you get unique from others.

Lawyer Biographies

The visitors to your website want to know details about your practice area, experience, and expertise. So, briefly introducing yourself may help you to build a bond with your potential clients.

Through the lawyer biography page, you can portray your professionalism and how you deal with legal cases. It’s a place to build trust and credibility among the visitors of your website.

Practice Area

Practice Area pages ensure the visitors that they are at the right place for their query. The specific keyword lets the users reach your practice area pages. 

The practice area page contains information about lawyer services and the type of legal practice the lawyer deals with. When working for a lawyer web design, it’s essential to add a dedicated page for all practice areas.

Sub-Practice Area

The legal field includes broad categories and subcategories. For example, family law includes areas like divorce, child adoption and custody, and visitation rights.

Having different pages for the sub-practice areas makes navigation easier and adds relevancy to the audience. 

Practice area and sub-practice area pages help to optimize lawyer web design for SEO. A law firm SEO company optimizes lawyers’ websites focusing on SEO strategy. 

Contact Us

Every page of the lawyers’ website should include contact details. It’s essential to add a separate contact page including all necessary information. The contact us page enables visitors to find your office easily and contact you when needed.


Blog posts demonstrate lawyers’ expertise and answers to the visitor’s question. Posts and articles help engage visitors on your website.

Reviews and Testimonials

Adding testimonials, case studies, and clients’ reviews work as an aid in building trust so that potential clients can contact you.

Consultation Form

Adding the “Request a consultation” page to take action is essential. This page ensures that the visitors know how and what to do next.

Process Page

Every lawyer is different. In lawyer web design, it’s essential to mention the process you follow. The mentioned process ensures the visitors that they are at the right place.


Legal matters often get complex and make a common person confused. 

You as a lawyer have in-depth knowledge of the terms and processes involved in legal procedures. But the prospective client may have lots of questions regarding legal matters.

Simplifying the terms and processes can help the common person understand what they get confused for.


Working for lawyer web design seems to be a tougher task. But following some strategies, the work can get done at ease. The lawyer website should include all the essential pages which the target audience may look for. 

If the lawyer website design lacks the mentioned pages, you may lag in the competition. Having essential pages to your website will enhance all features of your website. An optimized lawyers’ website will convert visitors into potential clients.

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