Never ignore these 5 Ps of Healthcare Marketing.

Never ignore these 5 Ps of Healthcare Marketing.

Jan 3, 2022, 10:29:20 AM Business

If you desire to satisfy your customers and boost your reputation, you should never forget the 5 Ps of Healthcare Marketing. This article will help you find out the right P for you.

If you are in healthcare marketing, you are presumably familiar with the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing:

  • People
  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

However, you may find you consume most of your time, strength, and resources on a single P- promotion. Your marketing strategy may look like a delivery plan with advertising, promotion, public relations, sponsorships, and social media designed throughout the fiscal year. 

But in this instance, are you leveraging your task as a marketer to further your organisation’s objectives?

How 5 Ps of healthcare marketing influences healthcare organisations?

Expanding our view can help our businesses more. While we do not have authority over all the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing, we have influence.

For example, let us look at a Place where customers access our goods and services. The Health System has many different places customers can access care, as do your opponents. 

You may influence the Places or channels to provide care through analysis and planning. Insights can be vital influencers to your power.

Acknowledge presenting a competitive evaluation for your primary and secondary service areas.

  • What are the various access features offered by your competition?
  • In supplement to conventional access points, do your competitors offer:
  • Critical care, walk-in care, virtual care, nurse access by phone, online chat?
  • What are the hours convenient for accessing care at each?
  • Weekdays only?
  • Weekends and evenings?
  • 24/7 nurse online chat or call line?
  • What are the services available at each of these access points?

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Strategy for implementing 5 Ps of healthcare marketing in the correct way

Be sure to cover your health system in the 5 Ps of the healthcare marketing matrix to analyse the accessibility of your organisation related to the competitive set in your market. Can consumers reach you as effortlessly as they can reach your competitors? Can your organisation promptly fill the access requirements of your market? 

This kind of review outlines a picture for your administrators about the accessibility of the places you provide service. It also enables them to acknowledge innovative solutions for bridging the gaps. 

A strategic partner granting 24/7 access to a nurse may solve a triage difficulty without adding physicians. Expanding access to appointments through phone or online may develop patient volume.

Another area marketers can grow their influence is by being the voice of the customer within the business regarding the Product delivered. It is easy for leaders and physicians to focus on efficiency, quality, compensation, safety, and other aspects of operating a healthcare organisation. 

But they usually have blind spots regarding how their actions affect external audiences. Customer analysis and mystery shopping can provide insights to help leaders learn how their activities affect clients, assertively or negatively.

Are your customers satisfied with your hospital services?

The marketing VP knew her leadership assumed they had the best customer aid in the market. The organisation had been the market leader for a long time, and they were confident their service to both indicating audiences and consumers was top-notch. Until they commenced losing market share, they stretched out to the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing.

Rather than originate a campaign to build awareness and inclination, we worked collectively to recognize the origin causes for market share loss. We investigated referrers to their organisation. The two obstacles to regaining market share that would not get overcome with an advertising campaign

The client’s label had been the market leader for a long time and didn’t need to modify its approach. At least, they didn’t think so. However, their competition was improving the standards in the market. 

Connecting audiences were getting other organisations more responsive in addressing their patient requirements. If a referrer called a couple of organisations to place a patient, the rival responded more promptly. 

So while the patient may still have been the first call a suggested physician made, the patient was sent to another provider who offered better acknowledgment time.


The mystery shopping unveiled a similar situation. The staff was not as stimulating as their competition to help families address their requirements. They seemed not to care about beginning an ongoing connection with the families that would eventually need their services. They had become satisfied.

Advertising will not correct a product problem, not a promotion problem. 

 The marketing team yielded the research decisions with quotes and verbatims from their actual clients. That created a good moment for leadership to understand they needed to address their operational challenges.

You control all the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing in healthcare marketing. It may take a distinct approach to bring insights and outlook to leadership, but you will conclude with a more conventional marketing mix. Eventually, your Promotion will be even more efficient.

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