Spreading Myself Too Thin - Realising That I'm Actually Getting LESS Done... And To A LOWER Standard

I like being busy - Maybe that's something that goes hand in hand with my anxiety - i.e. Trying to counter 'thinking too much' by keeping busy enough do I don't have time to think of anything AT ALL...

I've signed up to courses, started a business that involves virtual 'truck loads' of self development, networking, meeting new people and learning even more skills - all while having a full-time job already.

I've always liked to think of myself as a 'start-to-finish'-er, but I've realised that, these days, I rarely finish anything at all (except meals and bottles of vino!). The coaching course I was meant to finish in a year has been dragging on for nearly two... There hasn't been that much movement in the other courses either.

Over the weekend, this really began to bug me. I realised that, by trying to do EVERYTHING, I wasn't really doing anything at all... At the very least I wasn't finishing anything in a hurry... So, this weekend, I decided to focus on ONE thing, and ONE thing ONLY - Finishing my coaching course!

If I finished it? - No... But I was a hell of a lot more focuses on doing it than I was before. And, guess what? I finished it tonight instead! It may have taken me an extra 24 hours... But I can live with that 😉

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