How to Make a Star Projector?

How to make a star projector

How to Make a Star Projector?

Aug 4, 2021, 5:15:53 AM Tech and Science

Thinking of making a star projector? Searched on so many websites but didn't get any correct information about it? Okay, then you come to the right place. We will guide you on how to make a star projector.

Now the question is, how to make a star projector all of your own? Well then, don't panic. In this article source, we will show you the easiest and successful way to create a star projector.

The materials you need must:

If you want to make a star projector, you must need so many materials for it. So, let's see what we need to make the star projector. 

  • First, you need a properly charged AC volt battery. 
  • So many LED lights. Nearly 50 pieces of small LED will be perfect. But make sure that all of them are not the same colors of light. Bring different colors of light. White, sky blue, light green, and blue. 
  • Manage a switch. 
  • Electric copper wire.
  • It would be best if you had a basement like a square piece of wood or something else. Wood would be the best platform. 
  • Now manage a box. It could be a wooden box, cardboard box, plastic box, or metal box. But be aware that no one of them could be transparent. 
  • Take an empty can of Coca-Cola. 
  • At last, you need a glue gun and its refill. 

The procedure of making a star projector:

Have you done with collecting your materials? Then follow the process given below.


Set up the lights:

Take all the lights you brought for making the star projector. You have to set all the lights around the Coca-cola can. Make sure you are not harming the light's connection spot. Don't set any light at the top and the bottom part of the can.

Connect copper wire:

Now carefully connect the copper wire to the light's connection spot. Place the switch with the positive (+) wire. Bring out the wireline from the top of the can. 

Make holes in the box:

Take the box you brought. Take a huge needle to make holes in the box. You have to make holes in the whole package. Don't leave behind every single centimeter. But, left aside. This site has to be placed in the basement. 

Place the lighting can in the box:

Now you have to place the lighting can to the box. Place the can's bottom part where you didn't set any light. Take a glue gun and Put some glue on the bottom of the can. Now place the can in the middle of the box. Make sure none of them are touching each other's surfaces without the bottom of the can. 

Place the box and battery on the platform:

Now, it's time to place the box and battery. Put some glue to the box where you didn't make any holes. Now place the container on one side of the platform, and another side is for the battery. Directly connect the positive and negative wire to the battery. 

Congratulations. Your star projector is done. You can enjoy your moment now. 

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