5 Secrets For A Successful Surf Trip in Mentawai

5 Secrets For A Successful Surf Trip in Mentawai

Feb 26, 2019, 7:05:34 PM Sport

Everyone loves to surf. And when it is about Mentawai Surf, the thrills double. The entire location is heaven for the surfers. A large number of surfers from around the globe crowd here to surf and get enjoyment. Most importantly, the area is the best place for waves.

The warm waters are helpful to make you feel relaxed. Besides, the surrounding landscapes appear with a cool vibe. Right after entering the arena, you will feel a sense of joy around.

However, if you want to have successful surfing, you need to know the following aspects. They will guide you to deal with the waves. Here they are.


  • Know the calendar

Though the sea waves are suitable for Mentawai Surf, you cannot visit all the time. There are some particular seasons when you can visit the place. Usually, the best time for surfing begins from March and lasts till November of year. So, if you want to get the best enjoyment, you have to plan for visiting the area within this time. In winter, this is not possible as the water temperature falls a bit.


  • Early in the day

The Mentawai Surf is the heaven of surfers. So, when you are there, you need to start early in a day. Generally, people start crowding in the place right after the sunrise. Therefore, you need to be an early bird too if you want to skip the crowd. The surfers keep themselves busy in surfing round the day. Hence, it becomes a bit tough to manage space in the crowd. But visiting the beaches early is the best way to prevent such situations. 


  • Don’t go deep

It is better to remain near the beach sides. When you are in a deep sea, often it becomes hard to manage the waves. The strong waves may make you feel thrilled, but if you cannot manage to come back, it may claim your life too. So, while Mentawai Surf, you should never go to deep of the sea.


  • Get your equipment

To have the Mentawai Surf, you need to have your necessary equipment like surfing boat and gears. If you have them with you, it’s okay. But if you don’t, you can get them from any surfing camp. In that case, you need to hire them. The best idea is to get the things you need from the camps to reduce the carrying hassles.

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