5 Ways to Sell Your Accidents Effect Car for Cash

5 Ways to Sell Your Accidents Effect Car for Cash

Dec 13, 2018, 9:08:21 PM Business

We all have our needs, sometimes in an emergency.

You may be in a situation wherein you will have to trade in your current vehicle.

It may be because you are looking for a better one or just that you need the cash. Any which way, it is important to be prepared with the budget you are expecting.

If you have a vehicle history report, you can have a dealer assess the report first to get you the right budget so that you plan accordingly. 


Trading After Accidents

If you have had accidents that were noted for an insurance claim, then that will be present on the vehicle history report.

On the negative note, even if the car was properly serviced, it may still impact the trade-in value. However, not repairing it properly will lead to more problems.

A proper repair is mandatory to prove the dealer or buyer that your car is functional and safe to drive. The repairs are usually covered by the insurance from you or the other driver whoever is at fault.

Make sure you have the records of repair while trading.


Improving the Value

As obviously seen, the impact of the accident can be seen in the trade-in value.

Before you proceed any further, check if you have any outstanding recall notices and get it done,
whatever is pending.

The car must be cleaned and detailed before the dealer gets to assess the car.

Providing the proof of completed repairs does not promise a big difference in the trade-in value, but you will at least get the highest any post-accident car would get in a trade-in.

The honesty most certainly bumps up the price.


Choosing the Dealer

When you decide to go on with a dealer, make sure you have discussed the details with a couple of other dealers as well.

A small comparison won’t hurt. The car is not being sold in a value you bought it for. So, it is okay to compare and find out which dealer gets you the best of deals.


Filing a Diminished Value Claims

To get the maximum out of Auckland cash for cars, a diminished value claim must be filed and that can be done under the insurance of the person who’s at fault.

Such claims act as compensation for the lost value that the car faces due to the accident. Initially, you must repair your car and then compare the appraisal value to that of the car value before the accident.

Let us suppose your appraisal value is 6000 USD and your pre-accident value is 7500 USD, you will be able to recover the 1500 USD using this claim. The proof of the car value, anyway, must be shown.


Be Clear About Your Expectations

Since you are trading your car that has been through an accident, it is common to feel like you are on the losing side.

This is why you need to have all the reports ready, get an estimate from two or three dealers to set the right expectations.


Above all, know the worth of your car in the market and then proceed with the deal. Sometimes, the dealer or buyer might use the accident as a reason to get a better deal.

Learn to stand by your value and make sure the negotiations are close to your value.

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