How to master the Scandinavian Woman Fashion Style

Although fashion trends come and go, Scandinavian style manages to stand the test of time, which probably explains why it has become so popular with fashionable women everywhere.

Not only is Scandinavian style simple enough that it can be incorporated easily into your style, but it is also great as it allows one to stretch their budget.


The Scandinavian style can be best described as clean, simple and effortless. But this does not mean that you cannot be daring. Simply add pieces with more prints and colours to add a playful element to the simplicity. To master the Scandinavian woman fashion style, here are pieces that you should strive to include in your wardrobe:

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

A little black stylish dress is a must have for any woman that wants to copy Scandinavian style. Not only are little black dresses flattering on almost all body types, but they are also a perfect item for layering. Add statement accessories such as chunky belts and bold statement earrings and you can easily transform your look from a relaxed one to a sophisticated one.


Elegant blouses

Scandinavian fashion is all about practicality, which is where elegant and sophisticated blouses come in. for example, low cut silk blouses, chiffon tops and simple button downs are great for layering and combining with other pieces. When layering your elegant blouses, you want to stick to one or two colour families. Adding a print such stripes or polka dots is okay but you should work on leaving everything else simple and neutral.


Knitwear is a must

Scandi countries are cold for a large part of the year. Therefore, warm and comfortable knit items such as a wide collar sweater, blazers and coats should be included in your wardrobe. Neutral knitwear is vital for every wardrobe but you may also want to pay attention to novelty knits that feature chunky textures if you want to stand out every now and again.


Sneakers and boots

Though simple, Scandinavian style is also very high fashion and naturally, street wear is a critical part of it. You want to include as many varieties of sneakers as possible but white ones can particularly help you break up your outfits. You can pair a white pair of high quality sneakers with almost anything including pants, skirts, dresses and shorts. A great pair of boots, whether heeled or not, can help you achieve the trendy look that you are after.

From interior to furniture design, Scandinavian style is all the rage right now and it is easy to understand why. Characterised by minimalist style and concepts that are down to earth, the Scandinavian style has completely taken over the world. Though it has definitely changed over the years to include a lot more colour and printed styles, Scandinavian style today still maintains the essential elements of casual and easy styling, which makes it extremely easy to integrate into your day to day wardrobe.

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