Credibility Interview | Things You Should Know!

Credibility Interview | Things You Should Know!

Oct 12, 2021, 12:29:26 PM News

What is a Credibility Interview?

The UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) initiated the process of conducting credibility interviews to guarantee that only genuine students are granted UK Student Visa. A credibility interview can be described as one of the most eminent parts of your visa application process.

The Visa interview for the UK covers important information needed to complete your visa application. For instance, your interviewer will inquire how you will manage your finances and if you have sufficient funds.

What To Expect in a Credibility Interview?

Your visa application form and Visa interview for the UK help assess if you are a genuine student or not. Here are a few things that help increase your chances of getting shortlisted and should be part of your checklist.

  • The immigration history of the student in the UK and other countries
  • Education background
  • Your future plans
  • Financial status
  • Reasons for choosing a UK university
  • Reasons for choosing the Course

To sum it up, your credibility interview will gauge you on different parameters in order to analyse how prepared and motivated you are to start your UK degree programme. In addition to this, you need to demonstrate that you have done sound research on your behalf before applying for a Tier 4 Visa. Carefully study the UKVI website for all further information and details.

What Is the Format of a Credibility Interview?

Credibility interviews are usually conducted over a call or online. In some cases, students are required to attend an in-person interview. Your interviewer will be making a written transcript, outlining the details of the interview. This transcript will be later used by the final decision-makers to evaluate your chances of selection.

Who Conducts a Credibility Interview?

The interview will be conducted by an official UKVI staff member. They will follow a standardised interview format, where you will be asked a list of important questions.

Moreover, your interviewer will not help you with any of the answers. If your answer is too vague, too short or irrelevant, the interviewer will not point it out. Therefore, how your interview turns out is solely dependent on how well you respond to all the questions.

In the end, your interviewer will ask for quick feedback on your overall interview experience. They will also ask if you need to share any additional information with them. Hence, you need to play your cards right the very first time. The key is to be relevant, interesting and detailed-oriented to make a lasting impact.

Who Will Make the Final Decision on Your Visa Application?

The final decision-making authority is the ‘Entry Clearance Officer’ who will be accepting or rejecting your Student Visa application. The Entry Clearance Officer will use your credibility interview notes along with your application form to assess your profile.

Even though your interviewer is not the final decision-maker, they are still responsible for evaluating whether you qualified as a genuine student or not. Moreover, your interviewer will also be assessing your English proficiency to help with the final decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions in a Credibility Interview

The set of questions asked in a credibility interview may vary depending on the university you select. However, these are the most commonly asked questions in a credibility interview:

  • Can you describe yourself in a few words?
  • Why do you wish to pursue higher studies from the UK instead of your own country or any other country?
  • Why did you give preference to your selected university?
  • Where is your university located?
  • What course modules are part of your degree programme?
  • How many credit hours do you need to complete a UK undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme?
  • How much would your selected degree programme cost you?
  • What facilities are offered by your selected university?
  • Do you know your university’s ranking?
  • Who will take care of the finances?
  • Are you aware of your living costs?
  • How much do your parents earn on average?
  • What are your plans after completing your degree programme?
  • Do you have any history of UK visa refusal?

Tips to Help Ace Your Credibility Interview

Here are some valuable tips and guidelines you should keep in mind while preparing for your credibility interview:

Tip 1 – Give Specific Answers

When the interviewer asks any questions related to your application or the university programme, avoid giving generic responses. Instead, you should be precise and spot on with your answers. For questions related to your UK university, let them know how the course is in tandem with your life goals.

Tip 2 – Be Clear About Your Objectives

A common mistake that most UK students make is that they appear to be unclear about their intentions. Your interviewer must never get the impression that you are not aligned on your goals of studying from the UK. Do not talk about your plans of working or settling in the UK after the degree as it may make them doubt your intentions.

Tip 3 – Show Excitement Around Your Course Programme

Your interviewer needs to be reassured that you are truly passionate and motivated about starting your course programme. Show them that you have done extensive research in that area and discuss your future plans with them. The idea is to showcase how you intend to use your learning and knowledge in the practical world.

Tip 4 – Explain How You Will Manage Living Costs

One of the major roles of conducting a credibility interview is to ensure that students have sufficient funds to manage their living expenses in the UK. Talk about how well-informed you are regarding accommodation costs, everyday expenses and other miscellaneous costs.

You should discuss how you would be financing yourself and what would be your means of income. If your parents, guardian or anyone else will be supporting you financially, be clear and transparent about it. Your interviewer may also inquire further information regarding their source of income, so be prepared with all the little details.

Tip 5 – Do Thorough Research on Your Course

Your interviewer would like to get an insight into your interest and knowledge related to your course. Hence, you must carry out extensive research and cover all the details including module names, credit points, etc. for the interview.

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