The Teaching Excellence Framework: The New UK Teaching Qualifications

The Teaching Excellence Framework: The New UK Teaching Qualifications

Oct 16, 2021, 9:13:03 AM News

The Teaching Performance Framework (TEF) is a metric used by the Government of England to assess teaching excellence in colleges and universities. It was launched in 2017. This optional national survey examines how successfully universities and colleges ensure that their students have positive outcomes in terms of education, employment, and other factors.

The Current State of Teaching Excellence

This section highlights the broad range of metrics on which universities and colleges are judged, from Level 1 to Level 4. Each metric is broken down into several questions, such as "has the subject been assessed as excellent?", "Is the course good value for money?", and "does the course offer a wide variety of opportunities to engage in the study?" The most advanced metrics have multiple dimensions, such as "has the course helped to develop new skills?" and "is the course sociocultural in focus?"

While the TEF focuses on the improvement of teaching, it has also had a significant impact on career paths and personal development. The student profile has been expanded to include students who were not previously expected to pursue a career in teaching.

How the TEF Works

The TEF is based on a set of objective criteria that all institutions are expected to meet. However, it also allows them to set targets for the percentage of students that they aim to have gained a Grade 4 (A* to C) in core subjects. An institution cannot commit to more than one percent; any attempt to set targets above this amount would lead to disqualification for funding by the TEF regulator.

The TEF measures teaching quality in three different ways:

Teaching quality is assessed using a 'teachability' index. Teaching quality is assessed using a 'student outcomes' index. Teaching quality is assessed using an overall score.

Teachability measures the likelihood that a student will pass their core subject tests at the end of each year.

Why the TEF is Important

The TEF was designed to determine how effective higher education institutions are in recruiting and retaining a diverse teaching staff and in preparing students for the world of work, including the social and economic challenges of the modern world. Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is an optional and information-based instrument, applied in all three of the main areas that matter in higher education: learning, teaching and graduate employment.


Teaching excellence (TEF) standards are designed to assess and reward teaching excellence in higher education institutions that apply to work across all HE sectors.

What to Expect in the Future

The format of the survey is changing slightly. Up until now, the survey has been based on a series of questions relating to student outcomes, but these are being phased out and replaced by information relating to students' attitudes and the experience of work. According to the results, universities were found to be investing in student support and employability services.


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As you can see, the survey isn’t quite as extensive as some others, but it’s still pretty comprehensive. This will be an especially valuable resource for organizations and institutions looking to create stronger relationships with their alumni.

Of course, all of this is only one facet of what you can find out about universities and colleges. For instance, you can learn more about the career services office of a particular school and about its staff and interview process, as well as what students and alumni say. This survey, in its own way, provides a starting point to learn more about your institution.

By checking out the survey, you can gain a wealth of information to inform your own strategic plans.

Stay informed and check back soon for more updates.

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