Nov 4, 2016, 8:43:51 PM City

My friend Sam and I made a very time consuming journey to Brighton last week. Bus took ages to get there and I felt really ill and run down (so that obviously didn’t help). The journey itself was quite hilarious though, lots of odd balls sitting near us, however I do have to say there was one nice person who handed my camera in… Oops, yes I did forget it, but it’s all fine now!

Getting into Brighton at around 13:30 our first port of call was lunch. We headed straight for itsu, but getting there we felt we wanted to try a new independent place. The lanes are full of special unique cafes and coffee bars, but everywhere looked full. Getting to the end we found Bread and Milk. I instantly loved the exterior decoration and getting inside was just as good.


I enjoyed my Vegetarian sausage toasted sourdough, and washed it down with a classic green tea, in an amazing Japanese measuring style teapot.

Making our way around Brighton we popped into a lovely dutch inspired home shop, the items were absolutely wonderful, really what i’m in to at the moment-definitely what i’m putting in a house of my own.


After this we just popped into Paperchase so I can start buying Christmas cards, and then bought a smoothie/snack from M&S for the bumpy bus ride home.


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