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Hello, Internet!

For all of you that are reading this, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I'm 16 year old makeup addict from England who started blogging officially in March 2016 on my own personal blog ( Originally, I posted mini reviews on my Instagram (hitsandmissreviews) which will soon start to appear on here! I absolutely love anything beauty, art, fashion and writing so blogging is really a dream come true for me. Coming from someone who has only been wearing make up fully for about 3 years, I hope what I write, both the positive and negative, is helpful. My goal in blogging is to put out content that is both interesting to read and helpful so that my readers can use it in their life!


In regards to post days, I wanted to start (starting the week beginning August 8th, 2016) posting every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 5 pm GMT (12 pm ET). However, I am going into my GCSE year (year 11) which means I will have a lot of exams to revise for, and as a consequence of this, my content may lack. It is currently the summer holidays until September 7th so I am going to try and write as much as I can in the 4 weeks that we have left to keep up with my goal of 3 posts a week.  I will always post at least twice a week (Fridays and Saturdays) which means there is still content there, just not as much as I set out just yet. I will always try to post every day at the same time but I would rather skip a day and make sure that the content's quality is high for the other 2 rather than post 3 a week and rush. I hope you understand, thank you for reading. 

If you would like, please go over to my personal blog and follow me on there ( as it would really help me a lot :) 

Also, you can follow me on my other social media platforms:

Instagram: _but_im_into_drummers_   //   beuniqueabstract   //   hitsandmissreviews

Twitter: @AmzLouise2000

Pinterest: @aimeelousmith


Thank you!

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