Back To School Essentials + What's In My Bag?

Back To School Essentials + What's In My Bag?

The first day of school is just around the corner and for some people, these types of videos and posts are what they've been dreading. Depending on where you live or what time you finished, you might've started school already or have a few more weeks to enjoy. School for me starts on September 7th so I thought that I might start writing "Back To School" posts now while I am preparing for that dreaded day.

Oddly, these are my favourite posts and videos to watch during the school holidays because I absolutely love shopping for new stationary and a new bag to put them in. As I love them so much, I thought that I would write about my essentials and what's in my school bag for the upcoming academic year!

My bag is a "Be Exclusive, Paris" bag and I can't for the life of me find a link to it online. I purchased it in T.K. Maxx for £25 (Original price: £50). The bag itself is rather large (which is what I need because of all the folders and books that I need to bring with me) and has a beautiful red lining. The only fault that I have with it is that it doesn't have any pockets built into the bag, but as it comes with another pouch inside it, I'm not really that bothered. The only bad thing about the design is that if I want to remove the pouch to create more space for my folders, it won't have any pockets to keep things like your mobile phone, keys, earphones etc...  safe and protected. Also, it doesn't come with a full zip to keep books and papers dry in the rain but that doesn't really bother me as I always have an umbrella close by. If you prefer "on the shoulder" bags, it comes with a detachable shoulder strap which I find useful to take the weight off of my arms. Lastly, not that this feature is a MUST when I'm looking for bags, it has 'feet' on the bottom to avoid scuffs.

Inside the bag itself, I have what I will need for my first day:

  • Books- As we receive our timetable on the last day of school, I know what books to pack for the first day. I find this quite handy so I'm not having to pack every single one of last year's book with me (I'm in my second year of my "GCSE years" so we have to keep our old books for revision where the younger students can just throw them away if they wish). On a Wednesday, which happens to be the day we go back, I have English, Art, French and Maths (we usually have 5 lessons but we normally have an extended registration period instead of the first lesson where they give us planners and go through all of the information that they need).
  • Pencil Case- I'm that person that HAS to have every colour pen possible, 3 of every colour highlighter possible, 10 pencils and 6 pens just to make sure that I am prepared because What if my pencil snaps? What if someone needs to borrow a pen? It gets out of hand. But anyway, I'm not the person can go without keeping all of their stationary in a pencil case due to the amount I bring, so this is an essential for me.

  • Folders- Like the books, the revision folders, to me, are really important and also home the countless number of sheets that we get given at the end of the lesson with no time to glue them into our books. I like to keep folders as I feel they keep everything together and neat. Also, they avoid crumpled sheets and save my books from overflowing.
  • Lunch Box- This may seem like a silly thing to write about but I think that this lunch box from Happy Jackson is adorable. It has lasted me ages and is made with good quality plastic that keeps your sandwiches from getting squished in your bag. I love the bright, funky colours and the little quote on it. It says "Lunch, I Love You" and under the band that holds it together it says "Yum!". Again, I can't seem to find it on the Happy Jackson Website but there are ones that are very similar. Along with this theme, I also bring my water bottle.

Now, onto the pouch:

The pouch itself is also very large and can fit quite a lot of stuff inside of it. It is detachable which is handy, like I said, to create more space in the bag if needed. Inside, I have:

  • Phone- It's probably no surprise to you that my phone is in here as almost everyone nowadays has one and can't go out without it. Not only is it useful for communicating, it can also help with any of that last minute homework that you didn't do or for listening to music on the way home. Whatever you use it for, it is certainly an essential.
  • Earphones- As mentioned, earphones are an essential to me as I love to listen to music when I'm on my way home or when I'm doing the last minute homework which was also mentioned. I just think earphones are one of those items that I really miss when I forget to pick them up out of my draw after a long night of watching youtube videos.
  • Spare stationary- I almost always end up having to buy a new pen as I forget to put spare in my pencil case after my others have run out, which can be a disaster in exams. Instead of just buying single pens like I normally do, I got a 4 pack of the Bic Original Ball Pens in black along with a 4 pack of Bic HB pencils as they're what is required in exams and what I find easiest to write with. I also like to keep a pack of colouring pencils as I used them in Art and they come in handy when you need to write or "highlight" something with high importance. This helps me to revise faster as I always write in a different colour pen or highlight something that may be hard to remember ( eg, a definition). Lastly, I like to always have a Pritt Stick on me as it is hard to keep a hold of all of the loose sheets in your book or to glue down sticky notes.
  • Makeup Pouch- I feel like most makeup wears will always have this pouch in some sort. I always like to bring a few beauty bits with me to keep me going for the day. I usually take my powder to keep my matte all day, concealer to touch up if needed, the lipstick that I'm wearing to reapply if needed and some wet wipes just in case. I think it's handy to always keep some sanitary products on you just in case you unexpectedly get your period. A brush or comb is something that I always need, especially if I decide not to put my hair up that day to keep it looking controlled. To go along with this, bobbles (hair ties) and grips (bobby pins) are an essential to keep in your bag at all times as you might want to take your hair out of your face whether that's because you have PE, a science practical, it starts to rain or get windy, or you just want it out of your face when you're doing work. Lastly, I always have some sort of perfume or body spray on me as I'm extremely conscious of the way I smell so I always touch up during the day. Deodorant is also a must in my bag as, especially in summer, it can get a little hot.
  • Revision Cards- During shopping for my other bits of stationary, these revision cards caught my eye. I was planning on buying just some normal index cards but  I was scared that they would get misplaced. This set is actually joined together which I think will be really helpful in keeping all of my notes in one place. They have a plain side and a lined side which means that, if needed, you can draw diagrams on the plain side and write definitions on the back which, especially in science, will come in handy!

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