Ebay Finds| 99p Artis Oval Brush DUPE?

Ebay Finds| 99p Artis Oval Brush DUPE?

Sep 10, 2016, 9:00:30 PM Life and Styles

So, I love buying new makeup brushes and it’s something that I need to stop because I've accumulated so many over the past year that it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m sure everyone who loves makeup and watches beauty gurus on youtube knows about the hype around the Artis Brushes. They supposedly have a handle which is more “comfortable for personal use.” Personally, I find my foundation sponge or a regular, straight handle comfortable and easy enough to use, but after all of the hype that these brushes have been getting, I decided to take a look for myself. Of course, like everything that most beauty gurus love, they are EXPENSIVE and of course, I found a dupe for a fraction of the price! Now, I don’t really know which brush by Artis that this an exact dupe of and I don’t have the original brush to do a comparison, nor do I plan on getting it, but looking on the website it looks just like the general shape of them all.

I’ve not used a brush alone to apply foundation for about a year now so it was different to just use this when applying my base products. The bristles are very dense and soft which means that very little product went into them, and it made my foundation look flawless, literally. My MAC studio fix is very stubborn and refuses to blend out evenly with a brush normally, but this brush seemed to blend it out so easily and evenly! To be honest, I think the handle is a little gimmicky but seemed to fit good in my hand. The only downside to it, it might only this one because it’s cheap, is that the handle is flimsy and I'm a little hesitant to apply too much pressure to it.

Before and after I used it, I washed it just to make sure it was really clean and free from bacteria. I used my brush egg like I normally do with regular hand soap and it didn’t shed at all, neither did it shed when I used it.

Overall, I’m very impressed and I’m considering buying a set of them to try out as there are bigger ones which could make the job a lot quicker and smaller ones for eyeshadow.


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Published by Aimee Louise Smith

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