NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick REVIEW

These beautiful nudes have been all over the internet lately and after seeing a post on Instagram, I had to get my hands on one. As I am quite pale, most of the shades look like they would wash me out pretty badly. Shades like Satin Ribbon and Corset; cool toned, light pinks, are colours that have never really made me look anything other an dead and I really envy those who can pull them off. The darker shades, however, like Teddy and Beauty Mark, look like they would be perfect for my pale complexion. They cost £6.50

I decided to purchase the shade ‘Teddy’ as I love the dark brown trend and I like the look of them on me. The colour is fairly neutral with maybe a little bit of a warm tinge. Due to the colour, it can be a little patchy on the lips but that can be sorted with a lipliner underneath. The formula is quite like a mousse and goes on the lips smoothly. It takes a minute to dry so I like to put it on before I do my eye makeup to give it time to dry.  As it is such a dark lipstick, I apply it with an angled eyeliner brush to create a straight and “sharp” line.

The packaging is a clear tube which pretty standard but I actually really like it as it shows you the true colour. The product also has a strong vanilla/ chocolate smell in the tube which lingers the entire time that you’re wearing it. The strength of the scent does die down but you can definitely still smell it faintly. If you’re sensitive to smells or get a headache from sickly, sweet scents, maybe skip on this line.

When I first applied it, I put too much on and it stayed tacky throughout the day. However, the next day I applied less which meant it dried fully matte. When it does fully dry, you can’t feel it. It feels so light weight, comfortable and it doesn’t transfer AT ALL. It is also really long lasting but if you plan on wearing this while eating, it will start to wear away but that’s what happens with most lipsticks. I found that it wore great for around 6 hours. It didn’t get uncomfortable the more I wore it but it did start to sink into the lines on my lips.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you don’t mind quite sickly smells. I really want to purchase more from the line as I love my nude lipsticks. However, as much as I love them and the formula, I feel like most of the colours aren’t as unique as others, but are good to have in your collection if you’re a collector nonetheless.

Published by Aimee Louise Smith


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