Lets Talk About Twitch!

As you can guess, today, I shall be talking about: Twitch. The extremely popular game streaming phenomenon on the internet, which has become so popular that they now have it on Playstation and Xbox.

Recently, I became a member of Twitch and logged on in anticipation to stream live, and record, my videos so that all the world could see my useless gaming techniques. In fact I'm not that bad on games, or so I've been told. I've managed to beat even my toughest of friends. Anyway, I'm getting off track.

While 'broadcasting' my gameplay comments are available to me so I could see them as you play. Which I guess is a good thing, as you can get tips from your audience and enjoy reading their feedback, as well as making new friends! We all love making new friends!

But, I found that not all people on Twitch are as welcoming to a 'newbie' as most of the community of the site. I got some negative feedback from a comment and I found that, even though it was pretty much nothing but a petty comment, it still stung a bit. It took me a while to brush it off and I didn't really understand why.

Why do I care about this persons opinion? I didn't know them in person!

Then I twigged!

Of course I care about people's opinions! I wouldn't use social media, blog, upload Youtube videos and stream games if I didn't care! I love social media and I love being creative! Sometimes you get negative feedback, but, did it stop Pewdiepie? No. Did it stop Leafy? No. Did it stop Learningtobefearless? Hell NO!

All these people share their creativity because they love doing it, and if they get some negative feedback it's pretty easy to take it on the chin and move on. They've had to learn to, and that's what I am learning now. I love doing what I am doing right now. I love blogging and being creative.

It's okay if you get some negative feedback! Take it as a suggestion of improvement, even if they say something completely horrible. YOU know that you are an incredible person, that's all that matters.

Remember Life is Learning.

Aimee X

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