Monday 19th September: I start University! I've wanted to go for SO long! 

I feel that the course is the right one for me and even though I live a train and then a bus ride away from campus, I don't regret my choice. 

Leeds Beckett University: Digital Journalism.

I love everything digital: cameras, game consoles, computers, gadgets and I love blogging! So the mix seemed perfect! 

I can't wait to finish setting up my office! Currently, I am sitting on a cushion on the floor while I type away. (Eye roll) Not the most cumfy of positions! The kinks you get in your neck are awful! 

But soon everything will fall into place and my adventure will begin! 

I can't wait! 

How are you? 

You can check me out on facebook: Pinkfairygames (group) 

I made the group so I can be more interactive with my readers! Any requests or suggestions welcome!! 

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