Makeup Nightmares

I've always been bad at make up. Even after a million youtube tutorials I'm still crap. Yes, controuring looks good but my knowledge consists of 1 brush, a million pink, beige and red lipsticks and eyeshadows the colour of turquoise and nude colours. Turquoise for going out and nude for staying in. 

You see, I'm more of a book and video games kind of girl so when it comes to the next big fantasy novel or the video game of the month that I'm playing like crazy I'm your gal! 

Make up, even though I enjoy buying it and using it, is a bit of a vast abyss of chaos to me. 

Brushes for this, pallats for that! Endless amounts of brands, colours and confusion! 

You go into a shop and ask for help and the lady is like, you need this for that and you need this brush to apply it or a beauty blender! I'm like huh? You need what to apply what? 

But, I'm getting there! I am now the proud owner of a contour pallet and a bunch of different brushes which I probably am using all wrong!

But, I'm trying and that's the main thing! 

Published by Aimee Shepherd


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