The Ignored Housewife

Sally was an average woman. Not much to look at, and not much going on upstairs. Her daddy always told her that one day her foolishness would get her into trouble. So, Sally kept herself to herself, until one day she met a wonderful man and fell in love. He treated her like a princess and adored her. Or so she thought.

A couple of years down the line he became distant. Barely talking or even coming in close to touch her. Sally became paranoid, checking his phone for any signs of him being unfaithful. There was nothing. She became even more worried as he began to spend more and more time at the pub.

She knew, she knew, that something was wrong with her husband. He would come home one night a week and the rest of the time he would scuttle off to the pub after work with his work colleagues. Eventually Sally had enough and decided to take action. 'I might not be the sharpest pencil in the box', she thought, ' But, I will not let any man treat me this way.'

Sally bombarded her husband with questions and became very unsettled as his silence continued. Her husband blinked, once, twice then began to laugh. Clutching his belly he began to howl with such ferocity that Sally stumbled back, a little frightened!

'You daft woman!' He chuckled, gaining control of his trembling, burly form. For the first time since her husband had entered the room she noticed that he clutched something in his large, dirty hand. Sally stared, puzzled, then glanced back at her grinning husband. 'What's that?' She squeaked. Beginning to feel a bit embarrassed. Her husband once again gave a loud chuckle before handing her the tiny box he had wrapped with such tenderness. He remembered the soft, silky feel of the wrapping paper as he caressed it lovingly in place then stuck it down with tape. 'Open it.' He said.

Sally slowly did as she was told and inside the box, twinkling brightly at her, was a diamond ring. Sally looked from the treasure to her husband, baffled beyond belief! Her husband glowed with loving eyes at his wife, took her hand gently and kissed the back of her hand. 'Lass, you're the most beautiful woman in the world. You have a kind and generous heart and I love you. I felt bad about not getting you the ring that you deserved all those years ago, but now working overtime and doing crazy hours, I can now.'

Sally's eyes glistened with joy and she wrapped her arms around her burly man and vowed never to doubt him ever again.

The End



Published by Aimee Shepherd


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